Emerging Leaders Foundation

Location: Kenya

Mission: ELF’s mission is to provide the highest quality leadership development through training, mentoring and exchange program for young people to ensure sustainable social, economic and political transformation of the African continent.

Focus Areas: Advocacy, Civic Engagement, Community development, Education, Health

Program Overview:

  • Emerging Leaders Foundation (ELF) exists to grow the next generation of leaders through mentorship, leadership training, and exchange programs.
  • ELF runs a one-year high impact mentorship program aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders to spur transformation in their communities. Each mentee is given a mentor based on their career areas of interest for coaching and guidance throughout the program. Mentees learn about self-awareness, leadership skills, life skills, storytelling, community service, human rights and participation, effective communication, and entrepreneurship. The program also has a debate and community service component for mentees to apply leadership skills.
  • Youth leadership at ELF is important because young people are the core of society and youth leadership programs engage them at a formative stage in their lives.
  • At ELF, leadership means young people are at the center of policy and decision-making processes.

Photo: Emerging Leaders Foundation


  • The program has served about 1,000 youth directly through training and mentorship, and about 5,000 indirectly, when graduates of the program go on to start their own mentorship initiatives at the grassroots level mentoring younger girls in school, or become involved in existing programs.
  • At the individual level, ELF participants have improved self-awareness; skills in negotiation, leadership, and communication (including public speaking); and access to opportunities such as internships, jobs, volunteer opportunities.
  • ELF has also observed linkages between women in leadership positions and their improved ability to access education to make informed choices about sexuality in their lives.

Learn More: www.elfafrica.org

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