3-Part Governance Webinar & Seminar Series

Good governance of a health system enables sound management of medicines, information, human resources, and finances. Good governance enables health providers to deliver better health service performance which leads to better health outcomes.

In this series, our speakers will:

  • Discuss the factors that constrain governance effectiveness in service delivery organizations
  • Explore solutions to the governance challenges using real life examples
  • Review tools, techniques, and approaches that will help you overcome your own governance challenges

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Webinar 1: Governance challenges facing provincial health systems, multi-sector governing bodies, and public hospitals

Wednesday, March 11, 8–9am EST

Mahesh Shukla, MD, DrPH, MPA, Senior Technical Advisor, The LMG Project







JasonTaylor Wright, MSFS, MA, Project Director, The LMG Project








James A. Rice, PhD, FACHE, Governance Technical Lead, Management Sciences for Health

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Webinar 2: Governance challenges facing civil society organizations working with vulnerable populations, reproductive health, and HIV and AIDS 

Wednesday, April 15, 8–9am EST 

Joseph Dwyer, MS, MA, Advisor, The LMG Project





Karen Johnson Lassner, MPH, MA, Advisor, The LMG Project





Hon. Sylvia Ssenabulya, Board Chairperson, Reproductive Health

Uganda, Member of Parliament, Africa Women Leaders Network

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LeaderNet Online Seminar: Tools, models, techniques, approaches, and practices to overcome governance challenges.

Monday–Wednesday, May 11–13

This virtual seminar will be hosted on LeaderNet.org, and will be offered in English and French. The seminar will build on the presentations and discussions in the two webinars. Participants will bring their insights and experiences about governance effectiveness, and will explore solutions to challenges. Recorded videos of the above two webinars will be posted on LeaderNet.org to stimulate discussion during the seminar.

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The facilitators will be available to provide the participants with the tools, models, techniques, approaches, and practices that will help them overcome governance challenges. The LMG Project’s suite of governance learning resources will be posted on LeaderNet in advance of the seminar.

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