5 Ways Raw Milk Helps In Improving Your Health

Raw milk has been one of the traditional diets universally for a very long period. Apart from all the misconceptions of its pros and cons, people are recently exploring its benefits. Let’s discuss the benefits of raw milk in this article. The pros and cons of raw milk are also compiled in this article. Read it fully without skipping a line to get the best out of it.


Nutritional value:

Before getting into the benefits of raw milk directly, let’s get to know its nutritional value. Raw milk is loaded with nutrients that greatly help you improve your overall health. A 240ml of raw milk contains 160g of calories, 9g of fat, 12g of carbohydrates, 9g of protein, 120g of sodium, and 0g of fiber. With all these nutritional values in raw milk, let’s now see how it benefits our bodies.

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5 benefits of raw milk on health:

These benefits are statistically proven by studies made by medical scientists. Know them better and get benefited.

  1. Controls your blood pressure: As many of us know, milk is rich in protein. The protein content in raw milk is double that of pasteurized milk. This protein content helps your body to absorb minerals quickly and easily. As a result, your blood pressure is in control. Also, vitamin D and calcium present in raw milk accompany protein to make this process even easier.
  2. Contains beneficial bacteria: Raw milk is a rich source of plenty of nutrients that help improve your overall health that specifically includes your gut. It adds to your immune system making your body resistant to diseases and disorders. Not only raw milk but also other dietary products contain an abundant amount of beneficial bacteria that do the same job.
  3. Rich in vitamins: Raw milk contains fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E, and water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B complex. These vitamins are very delicate that they get destroyed as the milk is heated or pasteurized. Hence, it is recommended to take raw milk in order to absorb the whole nutrition present in it.
  4. Healthy bones and teeth: Milk is a great source of many minerals, mainly Calcium. When it comes to raw milk, you have the same mineral but in abundance. This can have a direct effect on your bones and teeth adding strength to it. When you take raw milk, it also becomes easy for your body to absorb these minerals without any waste.
  5. Contains food enzymes: In raw milk, food enzymes like lipase, lactase, phosphate, and much more are present in its raw and natural form. This helps your body not only to absorb these nutrients but also to digest and metabolize them easily. Lactase and amylase are the enzymes that do the job.
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Now that you know these 5 benefits of raw milk, let’s discuss its side effects too. Keep reading to know the same.

Side effects of consuming raw milk:

As people are used to consuming pasteurized milk, they are scared to give raw milk a try. So many negative thoughts about raw milk are revolving on their heads which are rumors created out of improper knowledge. We are here to confess the true fact in this article.

The risk of consuming raw milk is very low and many times there is no risk at all. Raw milk sometimes contains germs like Listeria, E. coli, and Salmonella which may cause some health problems in some people. In the majority of cases, there are fewer chances for the presence of these germs. There are no other serious risks associated with raw milk consumption according to medical studies.

When the milk is pasteurized, the delicate nutrients present in it are going to be destroyed. Even if there are nutrients present in pasteurized milk but they can never reach the nutritional value of raw milk. This means that in raw milk, the complete nutrients are present without any loss. Whereas in pasteurized milk, there are either fewer or no nutrients present at all.

To avoid the risk and gain the benefits of raw milk, always make sure the source from which you get it is organic. When you consume raw milk that comes organically from grass-fed cows, you need not have to worry about the risk. When you are not sure about the source, it’s better not to risk it.

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