8 Ways To Purify Indoor Air

As a homeowner, it’s normal to aspire for a safe and clean home for your family. So, you strive to clean your house daily and take out the trashes to ensure your living environment stays clean and organized for everyone. However, one factor you must also consider is keeping your indoor air clean. If you have children and elder parents living with you, the more crucial it is to keep your indoor air free from toxic substances and chemicals.

8 Ways To Purify Indoor Air

Living in an environment with poor air quality can threaten everyone’s health. Some of the instant effects of poor indoor air may include headaches, eyes, nose or throat irritation, dizziness, and fatigue. Meanwhile, long-term effects may include respiratory disease, heart disease, and cancer. Overall, toxic indoor air quality can put your family’s health at risk.

Fortunately, there are ways you can take that will help provide safe and clean indoor air for your home and your family. Below are eight ways you can do to purify your indoor air.

  1. Invest In Air Purifiers

Household dust is a common issue in every home. While you can wipe off the ones that are lingering in the corners, but when it comes to airborne dust particles, it’s another story. Most of the time, it’s almost impossible to get rid of them due to their microscopic nature. When you and your family frequently inhale this airborne dust into your lungs, it can cause several health issues such as coughing and allergies.

One of the best decisions you can make for your family is investing in high-quality air purifiers. This device will work similarly to a vacuum cleaner by drawing the air in. Once the air has been through series of filters, it’ll produce cleaner and fresher air. You can visit opira.com.au and other environmental technology companies for more information about the different selections of air purifiers which you can buy for your home.

  1. Display Indoor Plants
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In addition to installing indoor air purifiers, it’s also a good idea to start bringing more indoor plants into your home decorations. Indoor plants won’t only serve as an additional design for your interior, but plants can also work as a natural air humidifier. Some popular indoor plants known for filtering indoor air may include the snake plant, spider plants, peace lilies, and weeping figs. When adding indoor plants, make sure to place them in different parts of your home for maximum benefit. For instance, you can put one in each bedroom, one in the kitchen, and two to three plants in your living room.

  1. Reduce Carpeting

As much as having wall-to-wall carpeting in your home sounds elegant, these carpets are actually known for trapping infinite unhealthy particles, including dust mite, mold, chemicals, pet dander, fungi, and other pollutants. If possible, switch your carpet floors with hardwood, engineered wood, cork, or laminate floorings. However, if you love having carpet floors and you’re just not ready to let go of them yet, you can invest in a high-efficiency air vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets and ensure better air quality.

  1. Burn Essential Oils

Nowadays, essential oils are becoming more popular in providing a natural approach to killing airborne pollutants such as mold, fungi, viruses, and bacteria, making them effective air purifiers. To utilize essential oils to purify indoor air, add a few drops of oil into a bowl filled with lukewarm water. Then you can place the bowl in any area in your home where the air needs to be purified. Another way to use essential oils is using burners filled with essential oils and display them on different parts of the house for maximum use.

  1. Ventilate The Kitchen
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Another root cause of indoor air pollution is using a gas stove when cooking in the kitchen. A gas stove will release high levels of nitrogen dioxide known to be harmful and unsafe to breathe. As a solution, make sure to keep your kitchen ventilated, especially while you’re cooking. You can install an air vent in the kitchen area to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels. Moreover, you can also open all the kitchen windows while you’re cooking to let the toxic air out.

  1. Use Ceiling Fans

During the summer and fall seasons, it’s a good idea to have a ceiling fan installed inside your home to encourage better air circulation. Ceiling fans will help cool down your indoor air and ensure that more air is being sucked into your ventilation system for cleaning and filtration.

  1. Clean Air Filters

Another way to purify your indoor air is by regularly cleaning your air filters. From time to time, these filters will be filled with dust and dirt, which may cause them to emit polluted air and prevent them from doing their job efficiently. Thus, it’s essential to have your air filters cleaned or changed regularly for maximum benefit.

  1. Only Use Natural Cleaners

Using commercial household cleaners can be dangerous for your indoor air. For healthier and safer options, go for natural cleaning products such as baking soda, lemon, and white vinegar to fight off grime and other greasy areas in the house.

8 Ways To Purify Indoor Air

Wrap Up

Finding ways to purify indoor air within your home is crucial for the safety and wellbeing of your family. You may take note of all these ways and work on improving the air quality of your home starting today. With a small investment and a little effort, you can make significant changes in promoting better air quality in your home immediately.

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