Mistakes We Make While Doing Makeup During Winters

Skincare and makeup are season-based and they change for every season constantly. With summers, makeups are bound to wear out, while winters give you the biggest headache of making your face dry and patchy. The string lines or makeup hues can get stuck on your face in winters if you fail to apply the right ones. There is a constant necessity to hydrate and galvanize your skin which is prone to get rough and shriveled in winters. With beauty products ranging in varieties, using the right ones scrupulously that fit your skin takes precedence before beautifying yourself. Let us get into small mistakes we tend to do while doing makeup in winters.

Doing Makeup During Winters


Foundations, in general, are subjective to skin types. During winters, applying foundations comes with a risk of getting patched in your skin giving a ghastly appearance. The layers of makeup that is done above your foundations also tend to wither out fast if you don’t use the right ones. The best recourse to this is to use the watery and diluted foundation packs that would hydrate and stay compact in your skin. In absence of a liquid foundation, moisturizers can come as a help to retain your foundation for a long time. It packages your makeup for a long time.

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Bronzers are the tanners for your skin which gives you a brownish layer that blazes your face. They have a limited usage because of their remote demand from girls who prefer fair skin better. However, the bronzers could come really handy as makeup content in winters, as they glow your skin and evade the effect of paleness that comes into your skin during this season. Winters give the effect of fading and blurring your skin, giving a pale effect. Coloring the tone of your skin to beat the effects of harsh coldness and paleness can brighten your face and prolong your freshness.

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Applying lipsticks:

Lips have a tendency to display cracks and during winters, the issue looms larger. Hence the usage of lip balm or lip moisturizers prior to dabbing your lipstick is very important. Using lipsticks on your bare lips during winters can roughen the tone of your skin and might even get you itchy on that place. It would also lead to multiple cracks and get dried up too fast during winters. Hence using a lip moisturizer before applying lipsticks is very important to retain its shine and avoid the dryness in your lips big time.

Eye makeup

Eyes are generally very sensitive to seasonal changes and nurturing them should be done carefully. The tending and biting cold can make your eyes watery and bushy. Hence too much eye makeup can scrap all your efforts of eye makeup smudging it totally. Hence, the limited application of eye makeup, be it mascara or any collyrium is important during winters. Waterproof mascaras or eyeliners are available in the market, and they can be leveraged during winters.

Too much makeup

Whatever makeup regime you follow during winters, it is essential to stick to the bare minimum. Winters have the tendency to brighten your skin with cold winds caressing your face. The tone of your skin eventually pales up during winters. Applying makeup above the layers of your pale skin can make it look grim and ghastly. Hence the usage of any makeup content, be it foundations, contours, eyeliners, or lipsticks should be limited and subtle to enhance your natural features.

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Hydration and washing face:

This is a typical all-seasonal tip that applies to any beauty regime irrespective of seasonal changes. Hydrating your skin is an essential and healthy skincare routine as well. Once you hydrate the face, the dead cell will be washed away giving an apparent glow that beats the beauty of any makeup. Hence consistent and frequent washing of the face is a must if you have to perfect your makeup routine during winters. Makeups can be reapplied after washing your face, which will freshen up your face instantly and also prolong for a day and more if needed. Alternatively, wet tissues can be used if access to water is limited or absent.


These steps would also serve as the best skincare regime for winters, as the minimal and careful layering of makeup should prove effective to protect your skin considerably during cold seasons.


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