How To Prevent Diabetes Naturally?

Diabetes is one of the major diseases uncontrollably growing across the U.S. Presently, it is predicted that almost one-quarter of the American population is prediabetic, which means that these people have above-normal blood sugar levels that will develop into diabetes in a decade. Most people are not much aware of their chances of developing diabetes and still continue with their unhealthy diets, and just expect that they would not end up dealing with any serious health problems. But now diabetic people with a proactive approach can do tremendous changes in their risk of developing diabetes, and in this article, we have listed down some ways to do it. Know more how to Control Diabetes Type 2.

How To Prevent Diabetes Naturally

  1. Helpful appetizers: According to a study from Arizona State University, people with type II diabetes had lower blood sugar levels if they had two tablespoons of vinegar prior to a meal high in carbohydrates. The acetic acid in the vinegar helps in slowing down the digestion of carbohydrates and maintains blood sugar levels. You can add vinegar into a salad dressing.
  2. Shed those extra kilos: Being obese or overweight increases your perils of diabetes. And even losing a small amount of weight may decrease the risk of diabetes dramatically. It was found that overweight people can lower down their risk by at least 70% just by reducing 5% of their body weight.
  1. Switch to whole grains: Diabetic people should choose a cereal with whole grains, which will eventually help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and breast cancer.
  1. Be physically active: Exercise is healthy for all and can decrease the peril of several serious health issues. Not necessarily one should run marathons or spend hours in the gym to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Even walking is a great way to exercise and plus one does not have to overdo it. As per a study in Finland, people who exercised just half-hour a day lowered their risk of developing diabetes by almost 80%, even if they did not lose any weight. By simply taking a brisk walk for around 35 minutes is an excellent way to help in keeping diabetes at bay.
  1. Stop munching on junk food: Fast food is not the ideal choice if one wants to stay healthy. Additionally, it has all negative health consequences and according to medical research people eating fast food over two times per week gained 10 pounds.
  1. Get started on spices: Spices are more than just tasty and as per German medical research, people who took a capsule that had around 1 gram of cinnamon three times in a day for about four months reported decreased blood sugar levels by a whopping 10%. Cinnamon aids in lowering both triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood that may later contribute to the peril of developing diabetes.
  1. Stay away from stress: Stress can have many negative effects on health, and it also contributes to the risk of developing diabetes. Stress activates the body’s panic mode, which leads to a blood sugar spike. Insulin-resistant cells cause an accumulation of blood sugar that can develop diabetes. There are several ways to deal with stress, so if you are suffering from a lot of stress in your life you should definitely think of activities such as meditation or yoga.
  1. Maintain sleep hours: A study conducted at Yale University showed that sleeping for six hours per night or less than that doubled the peril of developing diabetes. Also, sleeping for more than eight hours tripled the peril. So one should maintain the sleeping hours between seven and eight hours of sleep per night.
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