Mosquito Monitoring Platform Desires You To Record Buzz, Facilitate Generate Global Map

Indian-origin researchers at Stanford are motivating individuals around the globe to record the irritating high-pitched mosquito whine using their mobile phones, in order to create the most thorough worldwide chart of the disease-causing insects. Several deadly diseases are carried by mosquitoes, including yellow fever, malaria, West Nile virus, dengue, Zika, and chikungunya.

Mosquito Monitoring Platform Desires

Numerous deaths are caused every year owing to the diseases propagated by mosquitoes and the lumber of their consequences is carried most strappingly by regions with the fewest resources. The study led by Manu Prakash, Assistant Professor, is seeking citizen scientists to add to Abuzz, which is a mosquito supervising platform. Prakash said, “We can facilitate the biggest mosquito surveillance network of the world—just entirely using tools that roughly everyone across the globe now carries in their pockets.”

He said, “There are extremely inadequate resources accessible for the vector control & surveillance and it is very imperative to comprehend how you would install these limited sources where the mosquitoes are.” Abuzz, with adequate assistance from citizen scientists across the globe, can generate a map that informs us precisely where and when the most dangerous mosquitoes species are most prone to be existing and that can pave the way to highly efficient and targeted control attempts.

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Abuzz is an inexpensive, rapid, simple means to achieve an incredible quantity of new information about mosquitoes. Helping to this study is as easy as holding the microphone of your phone in the proximity of a mosquito, capturing its buzz as it flies, and then uploading it to the Abuzz’s website. The research team takes the raw signal, decrease background sound, and execute it via an algorithm that compares the hum with the species that are anticipated to have created it.

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Once the equivalent is explored, the team will send the individual who had sent the recording and spot each recording on the website’s map, demonstrating exactly when and where that mosquito species was observed. Significant to the achievement of Abuzz is the actuality that mosquito species can be distinguished by their wing beats’ frequency, which is what creates their characteristic buzz. A mosquito sound library is created by the team, ordered by species, which backs the matching algorithm.

Overall, 1,000 Hours were captured of mosquito whining from 2 wild and 18 lab-raised mosquito species, each of which were species applicable to the health of the humans. The algorithm has functioned using as slight as one-fifth of a second of hum—even though tapes that are a second or more are the most advantageous, according to the researchers.

So, are you going to contribute your bit to this mosquito monitoring platform?


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