What We Mean by Advocacy for LMG

The Leadership, Management & Governance (LMG) project collaborates with health leaders at all levels to improve leadership, management, and governance practices for stronger health systems and healthcare for all. Under the LMG project, global advocacy efforts are designed to raise awareness to influence public policy and resource allocation to support L+M+G efforts around the world.

By leveraging the networks and capabilities of the LMG Consortium Partners, the advocacy efforts of the LMG team promote the vision of the project by:

  • Strengthening global support, commitment, and utilization of innovative leadership, management, and governance tools, models, and approaches for health programs to maximize results;
  • Raising awareness, creating partnerships, aligning and mobilizing stakeholders, and increasing public and private sector investments in leadership, management, and governance to ensure sustainable health gains.
  • Building momentum for stronger leadership, management, and governance practices to create more empowered health leaders and managers and to foster greater country ownership.
  • Creating partnerships with professional associations, educational associations, private sector industries, and host country health systems to harmonize work and maximize scarce resources; and
  • Working with networks of women leaders to advocate for investments and interventions that promote more equitable health systems, and empower women to become leaders.
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