Where We Work

The LMG Project is engaging innovators and leaders within and outside USAID to promote our project’s mission–improved leadership, management, and governance for health–and working with staff and consortium partner organizations to establish and gradually expand our operations in order to meet project objectives. Much of our work is accomplished within targeted GHI countries. However as the following list demonstrates, LMG is partnering with other countries across the globe to strengthen leadership, management, and governance, and to ensure that people’s health needs are met. The LMG Project is:

  • Carrying out Monitoring, Evaluation & Research that will generate a respected evidence base on the value of improved leadership, management, and governance for health;
  • Making known the importance of gender equity and good governance in unleashing people’s full potential, and achieving significant and sustainable health outcomes;
  • Making available to health leaders a comprehensive digital knowledge library of proven tools and materials used to strengthen leadership, management, and governance in the health sector;
  • Creating a collaborative culture dedicated to innovation and respectful collaboration with other implementing organizations to create synergies, share knowledge, and leverage resources to the benefit of communities in Global Health Initiative (GHI) countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Caribbean regions and beyond; and
  • Exploring interest from host country training organizations to collaborate in: (a) the professionalization of health services management, and (b) ensuring attractive careers for men and women who manage, lead, and govern for better health.

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