5 Bad Habits to Leave In 2021 For A Happier, Healthier Life

Now that the previous year has gone and the celebrations of welcoming in a new one have passed, we can now draw our attention to our personal New Year resolutions and start working towards them. Although cliché at best, we all fall victim to the ‘New Year, New Me’ claims and make commitments in hopes of ditching our bad habits for good even if we have no intentions of keeping them. Not surprisingly, some of the most common New Year resolutions surround self-improvement, with around 23% of people choosing commitments that benefit living healthier.

5 Bad Habits to Leave In 2021

Nowadays, we constantly hear people preach about good habits and how to improve them, but no one ever discusses bad habits and how we can break them. We’re devoting the New Year to breaking the cycle, so whether you’ve endeavored to adopt money-saving tendencies this coming year or to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. We’ve made a list of bad habits to leave behind in the previous year so that you can build a happier, healthier life.

Addicted To Tobacco

When a craving for tobacco strikes, it can be intense, so it’s common to try and quit but not succeed. If you’re seeking to ditch smoking this year, we recommend distracting yourself by getting physical, chewing, or sucking on a mint or a piece of gum; avoid triggering areas like bars and remind yourself of the benefits. Also, you can try e-cigarettes from Inwpod.com to get the best smoking experience you ever had.

One of the most common bad habits is cigarette smoking which is highly addictive, and it can be even harder to quit once you start. Not only can prolonged tobacco usage affect your outward, but it can also be detrimental to your inward health. This increases your risk of life-threatening diseases such as cancer and the development of other troublesome health problems like a lung bleb or blindness.

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Watching Too Much T.V

Although television is great for when we want to unwind after a long day, watching too much, T.V can cause you to miss minor aspects of life like spending time with your family or achieving specific goals. If you find that you regularly finish multiple series a week, can binge-watch an entire series in one night, or that you switch on the T.V as soon as you get in from work.

You may find that you watch too much T.V and could benefit from reducing your usage. Endeavor to limit how much television you watch by setting realistic daily limits, stop watching part-way through an episode, so you are not tempted to watch the rest, and only allow yourself to watch T.V when you’ve completed everything for the day.

Never Being On Time 

Breaking your lateness habit and being on time for once is another bad habit to leave in the previous year. Not only is tardiness extremely rude to the people or person you’re due to meet, but it can also cause a cycle of lateness and make all your arrangements run into each other. This results in you having to apologize to every person you meet and rushing between places.

Break the cycle by practicing being early instead by implementing a couple of the following time-keeping strategies; set multiple alarms throughout the day. Then try to work out how long it will take you to reach your destination, then factor in additional time, don’t start an absorbing or enjoyable task right before you have to be somewhere and plan what you’ll do if you’re early.

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Impulsive Purchases And Overspending 

We’re almost sure that everyone reading this article at one point or another has fallen victim to impulsive purchasing or overspending. Poor money management is prevalent, especially as the holiday months approach. More and more Americans resort to credit cards or buy now, pay later financing to spread out their expenses.

Suppose that you feel like you never have any money, or that your money has disappeared even though you only recently got paid, or like your bills are growing and growing. In that case, you may find that you’re an impulse buyer or can be prone to overspending and may have made goals to reduce your habit. We recommend doing so by setting a budget, leaving your credit cards at home when you shop, removing your card details from the auto-fill function on your smart devices, and many more.

Focusing On The Bad Side 

You’re either a glass half full or a glass half empty person, and if you resonate with the latter, you might find that you often tend to dwell on the bad side instead of the good. Focusing on the negative side of everything is easy, but being a pessimist doesn’t motivate us to do better or inspire us at the end of the day. Change your narrative by practicing positive affirmations, trying new things, and surrounding yourself with positive people.


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