What Are the HR Tasks That Require Automation

From hiring the workforce to managing them into the work culture, automation/technology plays a very important role in an organization’s operation. The HR admin needs to manually track every record before introducing human resource technology to ease their job. Misplacement of only one document may be the cause of frustration of the whole human resource department. But the automation overcomes the burden of the HR manager. Integrated HR databases store everything, and employers search any document any time they need, no matter whether the record is two years old or twenty years old. Thus, automation simplifies every function of the business.

HR Tasks That Require Automation

Why Is Automation Required Within The Workplace?

Technology/automation clarifies the workflow within the work premises. Earlier, businesses needed to hire maximum employers to manage every operation than also, companies did not get efficient and effective work outcomes. Still, now technology makes it possible with the minimum workforce managers. So that an automated working environment reduces the labor costs. It also helps to streamline every operation of the departments.

In short, we can say that without automation/technology, business growth is impossible; thus, it is required in the modern workplace.

What Are The Benefits Of An Automated Working Environment?

There are so many benefits of technological enhancement that you can not count on your fingertips. The following are the essential avails that a company can use to take a competitive advantage over its rivals.

1. Accurate

Earlier, workforce managers use manual methods to maintain the data of the workforce and streamline every operation of an organization. But the manual way is not that effective and specific as automation—for example, salaries or wages calculation process. HR admin did this task manually earlier, which was not specific at all, and the miscalculation in measurement takes lots of time to fix. But the automation overcomes the stress of manual calculation. Nowadays, with the help of technology, employers measure the net payable amount of the employees in just a few clicks. And it is accurate also. It also reduces the workload of the human resource department.

2. Time & Cost Saving

Manual methods are time-consuming, but automated tools are time-saving. Let’s resume the above illustration while calculating the salary/wages; if the HR manager found any mistake in the calculation, it took time to solve it. The manual way of measuring net payable amount is not that practical in a giant organization. However, it is practicable in SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises), though it is more time-consuming than an automated process.

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Technology saves labor costs also. Again continuing the same illustration, the manual calculation method needs more than one human resource employer for measuring the salary or wages amount for all the employees. But automation changes the way to handle an operation; nowadays, the HR manager gets the details of payment in just a blink of eyes. Thus, it saves labor costs and increases profitability.

3. Effective Hiring & On-boarding

Older, the workforce manager tracks all the details of applicants manually; when the company has a vacancy for a particular post, he/she needs to find the appropriate candidate and schedule an interview with him/her. It takes a lot of time and exertion. But now, technology allows a smooth selection process for vacant places. The HR database stores all the details of the applicant and also divides those documents according to the needs. It also helps them with a personality identification test that is part of an interview.

After completion of the recruitment process, technology helps HR admins for a smooth self on-boarding process. Newly joined employees can change his/her details in the database; also they can check the holidays, birthday dates of colleagues, apply for the leaves, check the in-time and out-time, etc., with the help of their different employee’s identification number and they can operate it from the smartphones also.

4. Transparent Working Environment

Transparency is an important element to maintain the formal relationship between employer and employees. With the help of automation, employers can keep a positive link with the workforce—for example, the employees’ attendance reports. The workforce has their unique IDs, and they can operate the company’s application through their cell phones; they can check the present-absent reports from it. They can check the leave reports, and also they can apply for reimbursement from the app. These things make a transparent working environment within the organization.

5. Growth Of The Business

Technological enhancement grows the business like never before because it changes every operation within the workplace. Automation helps HR managers to hire a modern workforce to manage every single function within the work premises. Thus, technology updates both employees’ and employers’ performance, ultimately helping them grow the business.

What Are the HR Tasks That Require Automation?

As we know, automation changes each operation of the business, which improves the growth of the company, particular industry, and whole economy. The human resource department is the blood of the company because it hires efficient employees for the company; thus, the HRD needs a fully digitalized working environment. Following are the functions of the human resource admins that need automation.

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1.   Recruitment & Selection

Technology tracks real-time data. The integrated HR database secures the candidate’s application and notifies the HR manager at the time of openings in an organization. It also highlights the suitable candidates’ names according to their qualifications and skills. The human resource department just has to call that persona and schedule a personal interview with the candidate. Also, the automation shortlists the candidates according to their personality exams. Thus, automation uses for finding out the best match for the vacant position as well as the working culture of an organization.

2. Record Keeping

The primary purpose of the human resource department’s automation tools is to keep the records of every employee of the company and every task of the business.

Employee data is essential to record when handling any HR function. The sensitive data is well organized with HR management solution, wherein you can maintain the daily attendance reports, salary slips, KPI, leave management, overtime calculations, holiday notifications, etc. In short, one system is enough to maintain every single activity of the organization.

3. Salaries And Rewards

For the calculation of salaries and wages, the workforce management department mainly uses payroll solutions. That helps them to measure the salary or wages in just a few clicks. Even they can get the net total salary expense for the purpose of maintaining the reports. It saves both time and labor costs so that the HR manager can give time to managing the operations between two departments.

It also maintains the details of the rewards and recognition document. It analyzes the performance of each employee. It compares the workforce’s current performance with their past performance and makes a report of the same. According to that information, it highlights the best performer for the rewards. This is how automation simplifies the tasks of the HRD.

4. Employees Analytics

The technology analyzes the job of the workforce with the help of KPI (Key Performance Indicators). It helps to increase the productivity of the employees. If the employer hires the best match for the particular job, but they did not get the expected outcomes. Employee analytics is the only tool that revises the performance of the employees. The profitability of the company depends on the employee’s productivity. And to increase their efficiency, workforce analysis is necessary. Automated provides accurate analytics that boosts the productivity and ability of the workforce.

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5. Time & Task Management

The technology tracks the real-time working hours of the employees. For example, the biometric attendance system keeps records of the employees’ working hours daily. If the workforce’s total working hours are eight hours, employees need to punch four-time in two parts. It maintains the record of four punches. According to the biometric information, HR managers can calculate the employees’ salary on an hours basis, based on day, week, or month.

It also maintains the task of every employee. It notifies employees’ daily tasks assigned by the manager, and it also gives notification to the employer while the employees submit the given tasks. It maintains the streamline between the employer and employees and maintains transparency between both the parties.

6.Communication & Collaboration

Automation simplifies the communication within the organization. Earlier, employers arrange a meeting for assigning tasks to the team and also collect daily reports personally. The way they maintain everything takes lots of time. Giving a task and compiling the document is easy now with the help of technology. For example, nowadays, an online tool like Microsoft teams is a medium of communication. Employers give tasks to the group, and employees also report their tasks to the same group. And the google documents also help to reduce the shabby work because it allows more than one user to operate the same document at the same time. This is how technology simplifies communication within the premises.

It also simplifies the collaboration between all the organization departments because it streamlines the departmental work and helps them perform it smartly.


Above mentioned tasks is the primary duty of the human resource department that needs automation. Because these are tasks that took time to perform, so they may not be able to perform their primary functions. But technology simplifies their job, and they can watch over their primary duty without any stress.

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