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There are a few things almost every woman relates to PMS, which means Premenstrual Syndrome. Cramps are indeed one of them. This involuntary muscle contraction is a seriously annoying and devastating pain — something that every woman in menstrual circle has to go through. So, normally, this happens before your periods. In other words, if you are having cramps, you will soon be having your period. That is why cramps are considered one of the premenstrual signs. But, here is the thing: at some time, cramps are not followed by periods. And, now, that’s a nightmare of Am-I-Pregnant. We’ll talk about that nightmare today.

Cramps but No Period

Normally considered premenstrual and the part of PMS, Cramps can happen without being followed by your periods too. Of course, one of the common reasons is that you’re pregnant, but that’s not all. Cramps without periods are not always connected to pregnancy. So, the answer to your question Am-I-pregnant needs not to be a Yes. Here, we are going to break down the whole concept of cramps and why you might be suffering from cramps but no periods. Shall we begin with an introduction to menstrual cramps? This way, if you have been suffering that pain but didn’t know what it was, you’ll now know.

What Are Menstrual Cramps?

Menstrual Cramps are the result of muscle contractions that happen in your uterus. Depending on the level of contractions and their intensity, these may cause severe pain and cramping. As said earlier, it is considered a part of premenstrual syndrome, driving people crazy a few days before every period. So, for someone who hasn’t hit menopause yet, Menstrual Cramps are pretty common. Some of the impacts of Menstrual Cramps include feeling of pain and pressure in your belly and pain on your hips and thighs. When combined with the other PMS signs, menstrual cramps can be quite devastating for everyone — physically and mentally.

In case of some individuals, cramps may go a bit more intense, causing issues like stomach upsets. But, it has been more about the pain and annoyance. There are a few methods that people follow to get rid of cramps, including the abstinence of caffeine-based food and taking a lot of rest. Okay, now, imagine this: you’re just past your period, and you have cramps again! You wait for a few days, but there is no sign of periods either. What are you going to expect? That you’re pregnant? No, that’s not entirely scientific. There are a few other reasons why you are having cramps without period.

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Let’s check those possible reasons out, so that you can do the necessary next time you have them. Shall we?

Cramps and Pregnancy — Am I Pregnant?

We will answer this question quick, okay?

Cramps without periods is a usually considered a common symptom of pregnancy. So, if you have had sexual coitus in the past few days, the cramps can be due to that. It is also considered one of the first symptoms of pregnancy, which people use it for self-recognition. These cramps may occur at the different levels of your pregnancy — such as the implantation stage and the first three months.

During the implantation stage of the fetus, cramps can occur in your body. This happens when the fetus gets attached to your womb, and you will be having serious pain in your abdomen. When compared to the other, implantation cramps are low-duration. In most cases, people don’t recognize this and end up not knowing about their pregnancy.

Cramps can also appear during the first three months of pregnancy. In most cases, people would have known about the kid, but sometimes not. So, during this type of cramps, you will suffer from prolonged pain. You’ll feel the pain on both sides of your abdomen, and it will be so hard for you to not notice. For all these, you’d need to make sure if you have had sex before the time.

So, if you have been facing both these kinds of cramps, chances are, you’re pregnant. In that case, it’s really advised to consult a doctor, given that you’ve had sexual coitus. But, that’s not all about cramps, you know.

Other Reasons Why You Have Cramps But No Period

If you had the abovementioned symptoms — along with the other early signs of pregnancy —, you wouldn’t have to worry much. You could easily confirm that. However, suppose this scenario: you’ve had intercourse in the past days but had used proper contraception. Still, you’re suffering from cramps. It doesn’t seem that right, does it?

Listen to this:

Cramps may occur due to many reasons other than pregnancy! We will have a look at the common reasons why you are having cramps without period.

#1 Miscarriage of Baby

One common reason for having cramps is a miscarriage that happens before the pregnancy hits 20 weeks. It needs to be noted that this situation requires proper medical supervision. So, if you are having cramps during or before the 20th week of pregnancy, you should definitely consider consulting a doctor.

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Of course, it’s very easy to distinguish miscarriage and some other factors that cause cramps. If the cramps are due to a possible miscarriage, you’re going to face a lot of pain — we mean a lot when we say it. You will also have bleeding from vagina in case of miscarriage. Also, one thing is obvious. If you are pregnant, you will be paying much attention, right? Still, cramps are something that require instant medical supervision.

Another point is that, during the time of pregnancy, you will be having a kind of mild pain throughout. Don’t confuse this pain with that of cramps. But, at one point, if you think the pain is getting too much and you’re not able to cope up, better rush to a hospital.

#2 During the Perimenopause Phase

This is another possible scenario when you can suffer from the pains of cramps. You probably know what is Menopause — which is the permanent end of periods. But, this menopause doesn’t happen all of a sudden. It takes time, and perimenopause is one of the major phases in-between periods and menopause.

There are a few symptoms of perimenopause but the biggest one is the consistent amount of cramps. You’d not be having regular periods, but the cramps will be there for a while. This issue is seen among people who are in their 30s and 40s. So, if you are in the perimenopause phase, there is no wonder if you miss periods for two months or so. It’s that common.

So, if you are someone in your 30s or 40s, the perimenopause can be a reason why you have cramps without even the sign of period. The point here is that you may be having the same or more cramps than you used to have during normal periods.

#3 During the Period of Ovulation

This is perhaps the least worrying explanation for why you have cramps but no period. Ovulation can be an actual reason why you are facing cramps. This issue is seen among all ages of women and of all types. This is sometimes called the ovulation pain.

This happens after the release of an egg from ovary. In case of some people, the pain gets too intense. If that is the case, you should better consult a doctor so that you can do the according. Also, the point here is that the length of ovulation point may vary according to the person. So, if you had taken enough protection or did not have sexual intercourse at all, ovulation pain can be a reason for the cramps.

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While the cramps due to ovulation are relatively less painful, it may become too intense at times. So, it is up to you to make the choice on consult a physician or not.

#4 Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is one of the common things that we talk about today. This disease is said to cause cramping on your parts of abdomen as well as pelvic region. Of course, when compared to the other scenarios we’ve talked about, cramping due to ovarian cancer would be way too intense and too hard to tolerate. If there is a non-subsiding pressure on your abdomen, this can be a reason.

Out of the all scenarios we’ve discussed, this one is pretty serious. If you think you have such cramping at all times of months — not just periods —, you must get consultation. Constipation and frequent urination are some of the common symptoms of ovarian cancer, accompanied by cramping.

#5 Appendicitis, Another Common Reason

If you are facing regular abdominal cramps for a longer period of time, Appendicitis can be one of the major reasons for that. Although the pain can be small at the beginning, you can expect it to get intense in the course of time. This is something you cannot do anything about. Rather, it’s recommended to get medical help, as soon as possible.

Well, these are some of the reasons why you have cramps but no period — other than that you’re a pregnant lady! Understanding the real reason behind cramps is important so as to take the right decision for the future.

Wrapping It Up

Well, we have covered everything you should know about how you have cramps but no period. The point is this: you don’t always have to be pregnant just because you are having cramping without periods. As we’ve shown you above, it is important to address the reason and act accordingly. You might ignore the cramping thinking that you haven’t had sex for a long time, but the reason might be something more dangerous. So, it is your take to understand the reason and take the necessary steps — if it’s about pregnancy or not.


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