Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the known causes of dementia among older people. It affects your abilities, memory, and behavior. Studies show 6.5 million Americans above 65 live with Alzheimer’s disease. However, the symptoms can vary depending on the person.

The symptoms can worsen without prompt treatment, affecting your ability to live independently and function properly. In this stage, patients can benefit from round-the-clock in-home care offered by the compassionate personal assistants at Husky Senior Care. While there is no known cure for Alzheimer’s, getting diagnosed early enough may help treat the symptoms using medication. Below are a few early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer's

1. Memory Loss That Disrupts Daily Life

We all forget things sometimes, like forgetting where you placed the keys or the name of someone you just met. This kind of forgetfulness can be caused by different things, such as certain medications, stress, and sleep apnea. However, your memory loss can be an early sign of Alzheimer’s if it disrupts your daily life.

This includes regularly forgetting important dates, faces, and names. You may also be repetitively asking questions or telling the same story within a short time span and relying more on reminders or other people to help you remember things you’re supposed to handle.

2. Challenges in planning and performing familiar tasks

Another early sign of Alzheimer’s is having challenges accomplishing routine tasks that require following a specific order. You may struggle to follow a familiar recipe, keep track of monthly bills, or do everyday tasks like bathing and dressing.

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You may have difficulties multitasking or staying organized when you have many things to deal with. Additionally, it may also be more challenging to concentrate on solving a daily crossword puzzle or playing a favorite game. It can also take you much longer to handle basic activities than you previously did.

3. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relations

Vision problems are another early sign of Alzheimer’s. You may have difficulty judging distances, maintaining balance, reading, and identifying color or contrast. That’s why most people with Alzheimer’s often fall off a curb or down the staircase since they misjudged the height of the steps. Other people tend to spill, drop, or trip over things in the house more often and don’t recognize their own reflections.

4. Struggle with speaking, writing, or understanding words

Everyone has moments when they’re searching for the right word. However, someone with Alzheimer’s may experience difficulties joining or following a conversation. They may not know how to continue a conversation after they’re distracted in the middle. Some even struggle with vocabulary and calling familiar people or things using the wrong name. You may also unknowingly repeat yourself and have trouble following complex or lengthy movies, books, or TV shows.


If you or a family member shows one or more signs outlined above, consider discussing it with your healthcare provider as soon as possible. This will ensure you are evaluated and properly diagnosed. It enables you to start treatment and manage the symptoms. It also allows you to choose the best at-home care or care facilities option.

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