Does Consuming CBD Products Help Your Furry Friend Fight Memory Impairment?

Memory impairment and cognitive dysfunction are conditions that can impact dogs and other animals, just like us humans. However, such instances are more common among senior dogs. Memory impairment can have a severe effect on the well-being of our dogs and pets. Therefore we must address the issue as soon as we see its symptoms. Research has highlighted that memory impairment among dogs can be dealt with, with the help of CBD. Let us explore how CBD for Dogs can help deal with memory impairment.

CBD for Dogs

What is a CBD compound? Can CBD be given to dogs and other animals?

CBD compound is a natural mix of ingredients extracted from the hemp or cannabis Sativa plant. The compound is believed to hold potential medicinal benefits and properties that can positively impact a person’s mental and physical health. The compound contributes to the overall well-being of a person and does not expose it to harmful chemicals and drugs.

The compound does not have any psychoactive effect and is considered safe for human consumption. Multiple research studies have highlighted the compound’s effectiveness and have indicated a positive future for it.

Another advantage of the CBD compound is that it can be given to dogs and other animals. Many studies have indicated that the compound positively impacts dogs or other pets when given a prescribed amount. It does not lead to an intoxicating effect and ensures medical benefits that many other chemical-based compounds cannot deliver.

Can CBD be given to dogs and other animals

What do we mean by memory impairment? Do animals suffer from it?

Memory impairment is a mental health condition that disrupts a person’s memory. It is a variety of cognitive dysfunction and is often associated with aging and brain health. Even though memory loss or forgetfulness is a common condition, sometimes, it can take a severe turn when it occurs frequently and starts to impact the person’s daily life. Memory impairment is a condition that can impact animals as well. Experts have highlighted that canine cognitive dysfunction or CCD can include cases of memory impairment in cases of senior dogs.

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Memory impairment among dogs can lead to change in their level of awareness, a deficit in learning, lack of responsiveness to stimuli, no activity, et cetera. Research has highlighted that nearly one and three dogs over the age of 11 suffer from minor signs of memory impairment. There is a possibility that if the symptoms of memory impairment are not treated at the right time, it can worsen over time and lead to a constant decline. Therefore, cases of memory impairment in dogs must be addressed as soon as their symptoms appear.

Can CBD help battle memory impairment?

CBD is a potent compound that interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of the body located throughout the body, including the brain and our nervous system. The interaction between the active ingredients of CBD and the receptors leads to a powerful impact on their mental health and can offer potential cognitive benefits. Therefore, experts are optimistic about the fact that CBD products can help battle memory impairment in humans as well as dogs.

Research has highlighted that CBD can have a substantial impact on a user’s memory. The compound interacts with the areas in the brain responsible for processing rewards, learning, and working memory; CBD can potentially offer benefits linked to memory-related problems. Even though research in this regard is minimal, the wellness benefits of CBD, which can improve the overall brain health of a person, can also contribute to reducing cases of memory loss.

A person suffering from memory impairment may also experience anxiety, depression, an increase in irritability, education, insomnia, and potential disruption in motor functions. CBD can help a user relax and stay calm with its potential properties. This property of CBD can help a dog suffering from memory impairment remain calm, reducing anxiety and helping them fall asleep and get proper rest.

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A review conducted in the year 2018 in a small trial group has highlighted that CBD has the potential to improve behavioral problems associated with dementia and several degenerative neurological conditions. This review has suggested a positive future for CBD-infused products in dealing with memory-related problems in humans and dogs.

Furthermore, a study conducted in 2016 has highlighted that CBD has the potential to remove dementia from brain cells. Dementia is a condition associated with changes in our brain that lead to severe memory loss and overall degradation of mental function; it can help reduce damage caused by memory impairment and potentially act as a remedy for it.

Dosage and risks associated with giving CBD to animals:

No universal formula can prescribe the right amount of CBD to deal with mental impairment. Therefore a person must talk to an experienced veterinarian or CBD expert before administering CBD to their pets. Ideally, experts recommend a dose of 2 mg to 8 mg for dogs. Even though the compound is considered safe for usage, it must be consumed in regulation as too much CBD can lead to minor side effects like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

The rules and laws governing CBD use amongst animals are different in different regions. Therefore, pet parents must know local laws before giving CBD to their dogs and other furry friends.

Additionally, they must only buy high-quality CBD products from reliable and seasoned manufacturers. Consuming poor-quality, adulterated, and prohibited products can lead to unfortunate consequences.

A final word on memory impairment and CBD:

The symptoms associated with memory impairment can emerge in various forms. Even though memory impairment is a mental health condition, it can have serious physical consequences. Frequent forgetfulness when a person is aging is not an ideal condition. The same applies to our furry friends and can be even more dangerous. Dogs’ memory deterioration can lead to severe problems, including pain, agitation, lack of mobility, etc. Therefore, pet parents must explore CBD to deal with this health condition and ensure their furry friends are healthy and fine.

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