Governance Guides and Handbooks

Governance Guides

In this series of Governance Guides, the Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project shares practical ways to govern your health system well – even if you have little prior experience in governance. If you are invited to perform a governing role, these guides will provide you the ways to perform it well. The guides will be a useful resource to you if you are the Minister of Health or Director of a department in the Ministry of Health, or Head of a provincial or district health system or a hospital or a health center, or a health manager, health provider or health worker working in these settings. The guides will also enable the governing body members, directors, senior managers, and health professionals working in organizations delivering health care, family planning, reproductive health, HIV and AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, and maternal, newborn, and child health services achieve higher service performance and better health outcomes.

We believe that people at all levels of a health system – people who govern, manage, or provide health services – can all help improve the governance of health services. Using these guides, you will master the five evidence-based effective governing practices. The guides show how to improve the performance of your health system and ultimately improve health of the populations you serve. You can have a greater sense of fulfillment as a person contributing to the health and well-being of your populations.

  • Cultivate Accountability: English | French
  • Engage Stakeholders: English | French
  • Set a Shared Strategic Direction: English | French
  • Steward Resources: English | French
  • Continuous Governance Enhancement: English | French

Governance Handbooks

In this series of Governance Handbooks, we have five Training Facilitation Handbooks for governance education of those who govern, manage, and work in five settings.

  1. Ministries of health: English | French
  2. Provincial health departments and provincial health systems: English | French
  3. District health offices and district health systems: English | French
  4. Hospitals: English | French
  5. Health centers: English | French
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The handbook will give you detailed guidance on setting up and conducting governance education through which the knowledge and skills in applying the five effective governing practices can best be mastered. It will help you deliver a governance learning continuum i.e. a carefully designed learning experience consisting of:  orientation, readings, reflection, self-assessment, 3-day Governance Academy, development and implementation of a governance enhancement plan and an action plan to improve select measures of the organization’s performance, presentation of results and lessons learned in a regional conference, followed by continuous governance enhancement using the resources available on the LMG website.

The handbooks are best used with the accompanying series of five guides which show practical ways to govern the health systems well, and improve its performance and ultimately improve health of the populations.

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