Network Strengthening Program

Alongside the dramatic proliferation of local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in recent decades has been a focus on collaboration through voluntary networks. However, little or no focus was given to the unique characteristics of network management, their differences from individual NGOs, and the need to strengthen leadership and management for self-sustainability.

The Network Strengthening Program (NSP) was designed to support network senior managers in expanding financial sustainability as donor funds decrease.

The NSP is a six to twelve month program that supports managers to strengthen their networks’ capacity in five key areas: 1) membership, 2) distributed leadership, 3) governance, 4) financial sustainability, and 5) communications for resource mobilization.

The NSP materials can be downloaded in a zip file format. The contents of the zip file include an introduction to the facilitator’s guide, which provides an overview of the program, and three folders, one for each of the three workshops used in a standard delivery of the program. Within each of the workshop folders are the facilitator’s guide and presentation slides for each module, including an introduction and a results workshop. The presentation slides are in PowerPoint format, and are also provided in pdf format with space for notes. The workshop 1 & 2 folders also include a participant guide, while the workshop 3 folder includes results workshop handouts.

Technical Highlight

Case Study

Final Report


Strengthened Voluntary Membership Networks: Stronger health sector

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