The Finest Essential Oils Available for Massaging

Have you ever come across the term essential oils? These are basically the purest form of oil obtained through the process of distillation. These oils are enriched with the vitamins and minerals that help get the maximum benefit of the ingredient.

Finest Essential Oils


Essential Oils in massaging

Massaging is a unique therapy that has gained its worth popularity with time. In a traditional massage therapy, the professional therapists incorporate expert palm pressure to relieve the stress. However, it is seen that introduction of essential oils boosts the positive impacts of a massage.

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Types of Essential Oils

The market is overflowing with numerous essential oils which claim to offer countless benefits to massage. However, different essential oils offer diversified functions that help achieve a healthy mind and body. Usually, essential oils are fused with carrier oils in order to enhance the rate of absorption. This allows the oil to penetrate all the layers of the skin which a normal massage fails to achieve. Some of the oils which have proven to be the best for massage are as follows:

  • Sweet Almond Oil– It is one of the most popular oils among the therapists. It is pale yellow in appearance and easily glides on the skin, reducing the friction with the palm. It is non-allergic that resists irritation.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil-It is enriched with vitamin E and has longer shelf life than the other oils. Though the cost of this oil is on a higher side but offers immense benefits. Those who are allergic to nuts can replace almond oil with this.
  • Coconut oil– Warm coconut oil is one of the finest carrier oils as well as essential oils that give immense relaxation from the stress.
  • Jojoba Oil– With antibacterial property, this helps get relief from acne and pimples. It also cures the fungal infections of the skin.
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Essential oils not only enhance the positive effects of massage but also improve your physical and mental health. Therefore, incorporation of essential oils in a massage is inevitable.


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