The LMS (Predecessor) Program

How LMG Builds Upon the Work of LMS

The LMG project builds upon the ground-breaking work of the USAID-funded and MSH-led Leadership, Management, and Sustainability (LMS) project (2005-2010) as well as the Management and Leadership (M&L)project (2000-2005), both of which harnessed the best thinking and practices of business and organizational leadership development to empower health leaders, managers, and teams at all levels to meet and master their most pressing challenges. The success of LMS and M&L—and their value as the foundation for the LMG project—derive from tools, models, and approaches that demystify core leadership and management functions for people and teams, producing concrete results for service delivery, information systems, supply chains, financial and human resource management, and health sector governance. They also form the platforms for ongoing blended (online and in-person/guided) learning used to strengthen health leaders’ capacities in leading, managing, and governing that are currently being offered by the LMG project.
The LMG project builds upon the LMS work and demystifies the governance dimension of health system strengthening by assisting leaders who govern to understand and master four effective governing practices: cultivating accountability; engaging with stakeholders; setting a shared direction; and stewarding resources. The LMG project helps health sector leaders measure their governance performance, and helps them overcome the barriers to excellent performance so that they can better meet the needs of those they serve. Furthermore, the LMG project joins new, governance practices with scaled-up, state-of-the-art leadership and management capacity building techniques that empower public and private health organizations to meet their goals for service access, availability, and quality.

LMS Success Stories

LMS Resources Available Online

The LMS project website contains a number of tools and resources that were developed through Management Sciences for Health’s experiences in management and leadership development through several programs, networks, and other resources. Health leaders, managers, and policy-makers may find these free online resources of interest:

For more information about the LMS predecessor project, or about the LMS tools and resources online, please contact:

Ongoing Projects through LMS

Although the LMS project ended in 2010, a number of projects have continued past the life of the original project. The following are currently active LMS associate award projects funded by USAID:

Health Systems Management in Kenya (HSM-Kenya)

Southern Africa building Local Capacity Project (BLC)

Nigeria PLAN-Health

Egypt Improving the Performance of Hospital Nurses (IPHN) project 

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