Top Tips To Controlling Mood Swings During Menopause

Like most women, you probably know to expect physical symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness during menopause. Yet you may not be aware that the same hormonal shifts that cause these issues may also affect your mental state, putting you on a mood rollercoaster that feels impossible to stop.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage your emotions and restore your mental well-being. Here’s how to control mood swings during menopause so you feel better inside and out.

Mood Swings During Menopause

Stay on Top of Your Situation

The more knowledge you have, the better equipped you’ll be to handle your menopausal transition. Update your doctor regularly regarding any new symptoms or concerns, and be sure to request frequent testing so you know where you stand regarding normal hormone levels during menopause. Knowing that your mood swings and other emotional issues aren’t all in your head empowers you to address these symptoms in a more effective way.

Engage in Creativity

When negative emotions surface, transport yourself away from those feelings by doing something you truly enjoy. Engaging in a creative activity diverts your focus onto pleasurable, productive processes and allows your mind to escape from troubling thoughts.

Even if you’ve never thought of yourself as a creative person, just the act of trying something that taps your imagination is an excellent way to experience mental release. The next time you feel your mood shifting, pick up a paintbrush, a camera, or a pen, and transport yourself to a better emotional state.

Yoga & Destressing Exercises

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only high-energy exercise provides health benefits. Healing activities like yoga, stretching, and other destressing exercises also help you relax and reduce mood swings.

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Gentle and mindful movement calms the flood of negative emotions that send your anxiety and stress soaring. By relieving muscle tightness and calming the mind, flowing poses and stretches release both physical and mental tensions, restoring feelings of balance and equilibrium in your body and your thoughts.

Seek Relief From Supplements

For many women, taking a holistic approach to menopausal mood swings and other symptoms is the best way to manage these issues. Combining mood-shifting activities with a natural supplement allows you to address the negative effects of menopause in the most complete manner.

The top natural estrogen supplements over the counter target multiple symptoms and offer relief without concerning side effects. A product featuring S-equol, a plant-based compound that mimics estrogen, is the perfect option for rounding out your safe and successful mood swing management while also tackling a host of other menopausal symptoms.

Now that you understand more about menopausal mood swings and how to control them, it’s time to get proactive. By keeping tabs on your hormones, planning activities and exercises to manage your mood, and taking a supplement to address your symptoms, you’ll be doing everything you can to alleviate your issues. Set yourself up for success by visiting the website of a trusted S-equol provider today, and take the first step in overcoming mood swings during menopause.

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