Top Tips To Help You Take Care Of Your Eyes & Eyesight

We very much take our eyesight for granted every single day and many of us could not imagine a world without the ability to see everything around us every day. Less fortunate people lose their eyesight every year due to being born blind or being involved in an accident or getting an eye disease. If you are fortunate enough to have your eyesight then you should do everything within your power to keep it. We take care of our health by taking part in regular exercise routines and we always try to keep our mental health strong by reducing our stress levels and trying to have a good work life balance.

Take Care Of Your Eyes & Eyesight

The good news is that you can visit your local Optometrist in Jannali to get the best advice when it comes to taking care of your eyes now and in the future. The following are some pieces of advice that may come your way.

  • Keep hands away from eyes – We have a nasty habit throughout the day and night of rubbing our eyes when we are tired. We seem to forget that our hands have been touching many things all day and so they have picked up dirt and bacteria. It is always best to try to avoid touching your eyes so they are sparkling and clear, but it is a hard habit to break.
  • Wear good sunglasses – This is not the time to be trying to save yourself money by buying cheap sunglasses. Spend a little more money and get sunglasses that provide UV protection. If possible wear a sunhat or baseball hat to provide further protection for your eyes and you will also look fashionable as well.
  • Drink lots of water – It is important to keep your body hydrated because after all your eyes are made from water. If you are experiencing dry eyes and eye irritation, it’s likely that you are not keeping yourself properly hydrated.
  • Give up smoking – Smoking cigarettes or cigars can have harmful effects on your eyes as it can damage the optic nerves within the eyes. If you are not a smoker then stay out of venues that allow smoking in them. Thankfully many governments have banned smoking in public places.
  • Limit your time on computers/smartphones – It can be difficult to cut down your use of a computer because it is very likely that you use one as part of your job. Try to stay off your smartphone as much as possible because continually looking at your device is very bad for your eyes. Remember that after 20 minutes, look away from your device before starting again.
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It should never have to be explained to you about the importance of taking care of your eyes because if you lost your sight tomorrow, your life would change in a very dramatic way. Just taking a little time everyday to be aware of the health of your eyes will put you in good standing for life. Stop taking your sight for granted and take steps to protect it.


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