Possible Causes of Itchy Armpits and Easy Home Remedies

Do you know what’s more irritating than a hairy, smelly armpit? Well, it’s nothing but an Itchy Armpit! And, if you were thinking that’s pretty rare, you’re wrong. A lot of people suffer from this, on a regular basis. This is the thing: armpits, also known as underarms, are in general considered less important when compared to the other body parts. This is pretty common too, since all you’d find there is a muscle folding and some hair. But, if you check the anatomy of human body, you will understand the significance of your underarms, which hosts several blood vessels and of course the sweat glands.

Possible Causes of Itchy Armpits

So, an itchy armpit can have more impact than you having to scratch your underarms multiple times a day! If you don’t pay attention, you may end up having further issues concerning your prime health. So, it’s rather a necessity that you should know what is causing your itchy armpits. Depending on the person, their medical conditions and the environment of living, itchy armpits can be caused by a lot of things in the world. You, as a health-conscious person, should understand the reason why you have them and act accordingly. Plus, you won’t have to go through that embarrassing and annoying task of scratching the arm every once in a while.

Before we list out the actual reasons, there are a few things you should know about itchy armpits. So, once you have an idea about all these, you can go ahead and try some viable remedies. Shall we get started on it?

The Thing about Itchy Armpits

If you were thinking that an itchy armpit is only about itching, you’re completely wrong. It may happen due to the causes that we’re going to list down below. And, the biggest problem with itchy armpits is that you’ll always have a tendency to scratch your underarms, which isn’t great. Just think of this scenario: you’re in an office meeting, wearing an executive pair of dress and these rashes appear.

In a world where people do not really understand medical conditions, you have two options: either, you can scratch the armpit and embarrass yourself or go ahead and repress the itchy feeling. Both don’t feel, right? Like, even if you scratch, things will become way worse than you expect. So, getting rid of the armpits is the best solution, don’t you think?

Let’s dig into the possible reasons first!

The Possible Causes of Itchy Armpits

The following factors are what can cause the issue of itchy armpits. And, we will start with the most obvious reason.

#1 Lack of Personal Hygiene

This is so obvious, isn’t it? Lack of body hygiene is one of the common reasons for many diseases as well as a lot of daily problems, including the itchy armpits. It is mandatory that you take all efforts to keep both your underarms clean and safe. While taking shower, you should dedicate some time to clean you underarms in an effective manner. If you think normal cleaning isn’t enough, you can always go for any of the established cleaning solutions or shampoos in the market. The cause is pretty serious, because armpits are where more amount of sweat will be created in the least amount of time, due to the presence of sweat glands and blood vessels. Another suggestion is to use an air dryer instead of towel after the shower, because it can help you reduce the chances of having rashes.

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#2 Infections, of All Sorts

Do you know that armpits are one of the common areas easily affected by infections? They are, and a lot of such infections can be a reason why you have itchy armpits. Out of the many scenarios out there, the Candida infection is pretty common and is seen among all types of individuals. Some other reasons that cause armpits to get itchy are insect bites and swollen lymph nodes. All these can be cured with proper medical care.

#3 Wrong Ways of Shaving

Do you shave your armpits so often? Well, then, it can be a reason why you have itchy armpits! This is only applicable if you are not shaving in a healthy manner. For instance, you must be using one of the best-quality razors and other accessories you will find in the market. Also, a healthy frequency should be kept in process. That is, if you shave too many times, you’re likely to catch some issues in the long run. And, the commonest outcome of both these bad habits is an itchy underarm, which leads to further issues as well. So, if you have been having itchy underarms for a longer period of time, you should consider your shaving habits as reason.

#4 Razor Bumps

Razor Bumps aren’t specific to your underarms, but they can be found in almost every part of your body! It can be a reason why you have to scratch your armpits so often. Razor bumps appear due to multiple reasons. It can appear when your shaving isn’t right or when you are allergic to certain razors or materials in use. The problem with razor bumps is that you will also be suffering from rashes and itchiness at the same time, which isn’t a good thing.

#5 Impacts of Chemicals

Have you been using any specific medication for the past few days? If that medication had some potentially dangerous chemicals, you have found another possible cause for itchy armpits. As we mentioned earlier, the armpits are perhaps the most sensitive parts of your body and an integral part of overall immunity as well. If you are not careful while using cosmetics or deodorants, you can end up having this irritating condition in no time. But, don’t worry. There are a lot of possible natural solutions to this problem.

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#6 Dermatitis, Psoriasis & Other Diseases

You know about skin diseases, right? The same diseases can cause itchy armpits just like they affect remnant parts of your body. Dermatitis — a type of inflammation that happens to your skin — and Psoriasis — which is noted by the accumulation of cell overgrowth and presence of unnecessary patches on skin — are two of the possible reasons. It’s easy to understand this cause so easily, because itchy armpit isn’t the only symptom for this. You’re likely to face issues like skin-burns and patches.

So, these are some common issues while your body is facing itchy armpits on a regular basis. In case you are wondering, there are a lot of other specific reasons too, such as Milaria rubra, Tinea axillaris, cancer and pregnancy-related changes. That having said, in a normal world of people with proper health, you would find the specific possible reason from the list above. Now that you know the reasons behind itchy underarms, shall we check out some easy home remedies?

Easy Home Remedies to Get Rid of Itchy Armpits

It does not matter what is the reason behind itchy armpits, they are annoying as hell. Think about having an itchy armpit during the time of sleep. That’s going to ruin your entire story of sleeping, right? So, let’s quickly move onto the common treatments, especially some home remedies that can help you quickly.

#1 Shave It the Right Way

This is perhaps the first thing you should know about preventing itchy armpits. If you’re shaving, do it with proper care and observation. And, if you already have some swelling or rashes in the area, don’t even think about shaving. If you shave there on a continuous basis, things are going to get worse and irritating. Also, it is necessary that you use some of the high-quality shaving equipment from the market, which must be skin-friendly as well. The same care should be there when it comes to choosing deodorants and other cosmetic products you use.

#2 Apply some Lemon

Thinking about a quick remedy to get rid of itchy armpits? Lemons are your rescue. As an antibacterial agent, Lemons are pretty effective and can help you remove itchiness from armpits in less amount of time. It works in a quite effective way, because the problem-causing bacteria will be killed in some time. When compared to other methods, you will have to suffer some stinging, but we think that’s okay. Using this method is pretty easy too. You can mix some lemon juice with turmeric and paste the mixture on your underarms. Once you have let it dry for around half an hour, you can rinse the area. Another advantage is that lemon is also a good natural deodorant.

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#3 Hot Compress or Cold Compress

Both heat and cold are good ways to get rid of bacteria in your body. As a result, you can use hot compress or cold compress as an easy solution to remove itchy armpits. What you have to do is simple. If you are going to use hot compress, get some hot water, dip a piece of cotton in it and keep pressing the piece of cloth on the armpit area. On the other hand, if you prefer Cold Compress, go ahead and get some ice cubes, wrap it with a piece of clothing and press those ice cubes towards the armpits. Both can be done multiple times in a day, causing bacteria removal.

#4 Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel is recommended as a natural agent for bacteria removal and rash-removal. You can even use it as a natural deodorant if you want to stay organic. This may take some time, but the impacts are quicker than you expect. Also, you have the freedom to choose between actual Aloe Vera Gels and processed ones from market. Either way, make sure you apply the gel on the area of infection for a while before you rinse it and dry it. It’s a skin-soothing agent and can provide you instant relief in case you’re suffering from heavy itchiness.

#5 Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar isn’t a new name if you have been thinking about organic alternatives to many medicines out there. And, ACV can be a good option if you want to remove itchy armpits and have a clean skin in that area. It also has a quick soothing action, saving a lot of time in the long run. Stinging is an issue here as well, but that’s something you can compromise. Using a piece of cotton, you can apply ACV on the areas of itching and let it dry for a few minutes. Then, after a rinse, you’re ready to rock again. Make sure that you are not putting much pressure while applying the ACV solution on the area.

Let’s Wrap Up

We hope you now have an idea about the reasons behind itchy armpits and what you can do about them. It is also great if you can take some precautionary methods to prevent this itchiness from appearing. Utilizing higher-quality equipment and reducing the use of artificial deodorants will surely help you get rid of them. And, for the most part, stay as clean as possible. This not only decreases the chances of itchiness but offers rather an overall form of better health.


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