What You Need To Create the Perfect Barbie Costume

Barbie is the single-most iconic fashion doll on the toy market. This doll was released in 1959 and has been the subject of product lines, animated shows, and even films. In the past, paper dolls were the norm and they were typically representations of infants and children. But Barbie is an adult-bodied doll meant to convey the image of female independence. This was revolutionary at the time, and that’s why Barbie has been so influential ever since. Andy Warhol even painted Barbie in 1986, with her signature blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The best part about the doll is that it’s been released in a number of models with different outfits involving careers, hobbies, and fashions. It even comes in different body types, skin tones, and sizes. So, if you’re interested in dressing up as your own version of Barbie, then here’s what you need to create the perfect Barbie costume.

Barbie is all about her accessories.

Perfect Barbie Costume

When you buy a Barbie doll, the best part is getting to switch out the accessories it comes with. If you want to create the perfect Barbie costume, then you’ll want to throw on the best possible accessories. Start with a pair of stud earrings from Kendra Scott. You’ll find that Barbie is adorned from head to toe. So, earrings are an essential accessory to achieving her look. Choose a gorgeous stud with high shine and sparkle. Whether that’s the Ari Heart Gold Stud Earrings in Rose Quartz or the Emilie Gold Stud Earrings in Iridescent Drusy. The Ari earrings come in a gorgeous Barbie-pink shade, while the Emilie earrings are a best-seller at Kendra Scott. Either choice, along with many others, will make for the perfect Barbie costume!

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Wear her signature shade of pink.

Barbie Costume in pink

When Mattel created this doll, they didn’t realize they would be creating a consumer product that would be referenced for years to come. It’s one of Mattel’s most iconic brands that has become an influence even outside of the United States. And the best way to channel the Barbie Mattel toys is to wear her signature magenta. This color is so synonymous with Barbie that Pantone actually refers to this shade as “Barbie pink.” Even though there are plenty of Barbie new arrivals in different outfits, you’ll want to channel her signature look with a pink dress. If you want to modernize her look, you can opt for magenta pink pantsuit. Don’t forget to wear a pink lip!

Channel some of her most iconic looks.

Barbie is known for many different looks. Some of her most iconic choices include the 2018 Holiday doll where she wears a tiered red tulle dress and the Fairytale Ballerina doll where she wears a magenta-colored tutu and a crown. Maybe you want to channel some of the looks she’s had in animated movies like in Swan Lake or the Island Princess Look. If you’re dressing up with your best friend, you can even do the Princess and the Pauper or the Diamond Castle. There are plenty of ways you can create the perfect costume. Mattel creations make for great inspiration!

Whether you’re attending a costume contest or a Halloween party, creating the perfect Barbie look is all about channeling her independence. Choose from the most inspired outfits and accessorize appropriately. Wear her signature shade of pink and don a long blonde wig. You and your friends can even dress up as different versions of the doll and it can all be part of an elaborate group costume. Make sure to go all in when it comes to your outfits. After all, that’s what Barbie would do.

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