ACNH User Tools That Are Helpful

There is no lack of things to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but thanks to the dedication of the ACNH group, there are a number of useful tools and resources to help you get through it.

If you’re an aggressive Stalk Trader trying to keep a decent amount of bells in your ABD account or you’re looking to delete a villager in exchange for one that better suits your island aesthetic, there’s an Animal Crossing app, forum, or website that can make these ventures more convenient, and we’ve compiled the best right here.

ACNH User Tools

1. Nookazon

Nookazon is an online store that offers everything from clothes and DIY recipes to K.K. songs and villagers for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, similar to Amazon except for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Simply search for the Animal Crossing item (or villager) you’re searching for, and a list of players looking to sell, trade, or buy will appear. Discord is where transactions take place.

2. Animal Crossing Art Maker

The Getty Animal Crossing Art Generator is a fantastic tool to use if you want to spruce up your island with some exclusive decor but aren’t interested in making it yourself. Until you unlock the Able Sisters store, it transforms your uploaded images into pixelized images with QR codes that you can use in the game.

Check out more ACNH custom designs.

3. Designer for a Happy Island

Happy Island Designer allows you to fully customize a map of an Animal Crossing: New Horizons island, which is ideal for players who don’t want to commit to an island concept without seeing how it would look first. Buildings, bridges and inclines, plants and trees, and even the ability to mark paths with various shades of green to indicate elevation are all included.

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4. Calculator for Turnips

Turnip and Stalk Market devotees are likely to have the most resources. The ACNH Turnip Calculator is the first on our list, and it allows players to monitor turnip price trends on their island, allowing them to better predict when Timmy and Tommy can buy them for the best price.

5. The Prophet of the Turnip

The Turnip Prophet is the next Turnip tool on our list. It functions similarly to the Turnip Calculator, but instead of displaying just one possible output, it returns a number of possible price trends based on the details you enter.

6. Exchange of turnips

The Turnip Exchange is probably my personal favorite of the turnip trading tools. This enables players to share their Dodo Code with large numbers of people and make them line up so that their island does not get overrun with tourists.

If you’ve ever had great turnip prices on your island and shared a Dodo Code with a big group of people, you know how easily updates and waiting for people to come and go can turn into a shambles. The Turnip Exchange makes things easier, and it can be used for more than just selling turnips on your friends’ islands.

7. AdoptMyVillager

When looking to trade a villager off your island for the one you want, this Reddit is another choice to consider. Players will ask for Nook Mile Tickets, Bells, and a number of other things in exchange for highly desired villagers, so be ready for certain types of trades! While the community is currently closed, we’ve kept it here in case it reopens in the near future.

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To plan for some of the more expensive villager trades, look over our guides on how to get more Nook Miles and get bells quickly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

8. Discord in the ACNH

The people who run AC NewHorizons on Reddit own this Discord server, which is full of Animal Crossing: New Horizons players looking to exchange products, villagers, and even QR codes. You’ll be able to find channels on almost everything here.

9. Checklists for Animal Crossing

More than just how-tos and content guides have been written by IGN’s guide authors. We created a checklist function to help you keep track of ACNH items like all of K.K. Slider’s songs, bugs and fish by month, and seasonal recipes.

Your progress is saved without you having to sign in because the information you check off is saved based on your cookies, but as long as they aren’t cleared, your progress is saved. Here are a couple that might be useful to you:

Checklist for Bugs

Checklist for Fisheries

Checklist of K.K. Slider Songs


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