Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Therapy in Jersey City, New Jersey

Do you live in Jersey City and are experiencing pain, stress, or muscle soreness? Do you sometimes feel like a big knot of tensed muscles is all over your body? Then deep tissue massage therapy may just be what you need to feel better.

Advanced Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an ancient practice used by Egyptians, Hindus, and Persians to cure various ailments. It is still a widely accepted tool for both stress relief and relaxation. It is also used to treat arthritis, depression, diabetes, high BP, and fatigue, among other issues.

Deep tissue massage is an advanced therapy that can address various conditions. In this article, we will discuss some benefits of the therapy. If you are already looking for a massage place in Jersey City, New Jersey, you should visit Liberty PT here to find one near you.

What’s Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

It is a massage technique that mainly takes care of musculoskeletal issues like sports injuries and strains. It involves the application of sustained pressure through slow but deep strokes to work on the inner parts of the connective tissues and muscles. This technique reduces tension in tissue and muscle and breaks up any scar tissues formed after an injury.

The therapist begins with light pressure then graduates to a deeper pressure after warming up the muscles. The technique promotes quick healing by increasing the flow of blood and slowing down inflammation.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

The therapy has so many benefits for mental and physical health. They include the following:

1. Quick Relief from Stress

Whether you are experiencing stress in your workplace or home, massage helps you to unwind and relax. It lowers your cortisol level and increases oxytocin, a hormone that helps the body to relax and produces a soothing effect. It also reduces physical stress symptoms like tension headaches and tight shoulders and muscles.

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2. Reduces Pain

If you are experiencing chronic pain around your lower back, stiff neck, fibromyalgia, or plantar fasciitis, deep tissue massage can treat them all. It can free a tight tissue cluster that is causing you pain, which is a more effective method compared to medication. It is also cost-effective.

3. Rehabilitation of Injured Muscles

If you injured your muscle, during sports, deep tissue technique can help to stretch the twisted or tight muscle. It can also aid the flow of toxins away from the muscle. The technique is frequently used to treat most athletes. They incorporate it in their recovery protocol because it delays muscle soreness, prevents injuries, and reduces muscle fatigue.

4. Reduces the Symptoms of Arthritis

Deep tissue massage treats different arthritis symptoms like difficulty in sleeping, limited joint motion range, stiffness, and pain. Moderate pressure reduces pain and eases arthritis tension, thereby, facilitating movement in arthritis patients.

5. Lowers Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Tension and stress can affect your blood pressure. But getting a massage will positively affect your arterial, systolic, and diastolic blood pressure. Deep tissue technique also increases serotonin production, a hormone that promotes happiness and good feelings. You can watch this video to learn more about deep tissue advanced therapy.

Tips for Finding a Therapist

If you are thinking about trying deep tissue massage, you need to make sure the therapist is qualified. Despite the availability of massage parlors in Jersey City, not just anyone can offer deep tissue massage. Here are some tips to use when looking for a qualified therapist:

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1. Find Out Their Specialty

Not all therapists specialize in the technique. Some handle a wide range of techniques while others narrow down their practice to just one or a few techniques. Ensure you ask about the therapist’s specialty and the conditions they have handled previously.

2. Request Their Credentials

You will not be asking for too much if you just want to confirm that the therapist has the license to practice. After all, your health is at stake, and you do not want to make a move that will jeopardize it. Therefore, ensure the therapist shows their license as well as records of successfully handled cases.

3. Cost

You should find out how much one session will cost and whether the therapist offers incentives to save costs. You should also check whether your health insurance covers the therapy.

Final Notes

Deep tissue therapy is best for athletes and people suffering from chronic pain or injury. So, if your pain threshold is low, you can try other gentle options. Ensure to consult your doctor before seeing a therapist if you have any medical condition.


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