All You Need To Know About Teeth Care Routine

Teeth care is simple, yet so important. A beautiful smile on your face is a priceless ornament. So, ensure you keep your teeth healthier and brighter to enhance the beauty of your smile.

Teeth Care Routine

So, get to know about basic teeth care routine and natural food that helps you makes your teeth stronger.

Don’t go to bed before you brush:

This is one of the most known teeth care tips that we have been listening to since years, yet we ignore it most of the time. It has very simple and powerful logic, if you brush at night then it helps you clean up all the germs and bacteria that gets accumulated throughout the day and thus helps to prevent harmful infections. It is so important to brush twice a day.

So, never ever neglect doing this.

Brush teeth and clean your tongue properly:

Some people have the habit of brushing teeth by moving brush horizontally but it is not the right way to brush your teeth. You should brush teeth by moving it in a circular motion all over for around 5 to 10 min. Not brushing properly might lead in several gum-related diseases. So spare enough time to do this.

Brush teeth and clean your tongue properly

Many people don’t have a habit of cleaning their tongues. This might lead to bad odor and many infections as germs can get accumulated over the tongue. So it is equally important as you clean your teeth. Use tongue cleaner or brush your tongue every time you clean your teeth.

Make sure you use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Fluoride is very effective in fighting against germs in the cavity.

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Don’t neglect flossing your teeth:

Some of you might be new to this word. But this is one of the routines that dentists in Columbus, GA recommend for healthier teeth. Here you take floss, hold it tightly between your thumb & forefingers and move it gently between teeth touching the gum line. This stimulates gums, reduces plaque, and lowers inflammation in the area.

Don’t neglect flossing your teeth

Foods that help you get stronger teeth:

For years we have been said to avoid chocolates and sweets to prevent teeth from damage. This is true as our favorite sugary food is also loved by germs and bacteria inside our mouth.

Don’t worry! You need not avoid all the delicious food, there are some foods that help your teeth strong and also serve your craving.

Dairy product – milk, cheese, and yogurt:

 Cheese is rich in calcium that helps in maintaining bone density. It has a low sugar level and it has a protein called casein that protects tooth enamel. It further increases saliva production and helps to clean bacteria in the mouth.

Milk is also a rich source of calcium, it also reduces the acid level in the mouth and prevents tooth decay.

Dairy product – milk, cheese, and yogurt

Yogurt has a probiotic that protects against several gum cavities, diseases, and bad-odor breath.

Crunchy vegetables:

Vegetables like carrots that need a lot of chewing are good for teeth as they stimulate the flow of saliva and also clean up the teeth surface which in turn helps to rid of bacteria in the mouth.

All the seasonal vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, nutrients that have numerous dental benefits and also contribute to overall health.

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Crunchy vegetables

Leafy veggies:

It is no secret that leafy vegetables are the best and easy sources of calcium, several nutrients, and vitamins. They would help in maintaining healthy gums. Taking them in the form of salads and soups cleans up teeth.

Leafy veggies

Drink more water:

Your teeth require fluorine in small quantities to stay healthy and water serves this purpose and it keeps you hydrated and distributes nutrients all over the body. Also note that excess fluorine in water causes fluorosis where teeth become yellowish. Water helps to maintain a high saliva level.

Fruits and nuts:

Just as crunchy vegetables do, fruits like apples and nuts require a lot of chewing that stimulate saliva and they are rich sources of nutrients and vitamins.

Fruits and nuts

These are yummy as well as healthy food that can help you maintain healthy, brighter teeth. All the regional and seasonal foods contribute to health in some way. Avoiding junk food and shifting your craving towards natural food is the simplest way to lead a healthy and wealthy life. If you find this article helpful please share your comments below.


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