What is the Difference Between an NHS and a Private Dentist?

Taking care of your teeth and your oral health is a critical factor in physical longevity as well as mental health. Those that properly take care of their teeth are happier, healthier and have been found to live more fulfilling and joyful lives. That is why the dentist should be an important part of your life.

NHS and a Private Dentist

How do you know which dentist to choose? Do you go to the NHS dentist or a private dentist. Many people only consider the price when they think about going to the dentist but is that the only factor that is worth considering? What are the differences between these two types of dentists?

How Does an NHS Dentist Make Decisions?

If you walk into a dental clinic, as a patient, you have a set of reasons for being there and a set of outcomes you expect to get from the dentist. An NHS dentist, who will always treat their patients with the care and professionalism expected of them, needs to make decisions that include the patient’s desires but must weigh many other factors that have nothing to do with the patient themselves. What are these factors?

  • NHS dental treatment has funding restrictions that may make the desired treatment or outcome impossible or improbable.
  • NHS dentists DO NOT do cosmetic treatments (such as teeth whitening, dental implants, dental hygienists, etc.).
  • NHS dentists are required to use the most cost-effective materials for their dental services, as opposed to what may be the best material for the task.
  • NHS treatment is designed to be functional, not necessarily functional and
  • Dentists working for the NHS often have waiting lists and long wait times for procedures (due to the fixed NHS budget).
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How Does a Private Dentist Make Decisions?

When a patient walks into a private dental clinic, they will also be treated with the courtesy and professionalism that is expected of the dental profession but when weighing the treatment options for their patients, they must only consider one factor: what is best choice for this person?

  • Private dentists offer private appointments and are open into the evenings and on the weekends, making the focus of booking appointments on what is convenient for the customer.
  • Treatment options for private dentists are not limited to functionality but encompass the full range of cosmetic and elective treatments.
  • According to Chetan from Sheffield based private dentist Mola Dental “Private dentists use the best and most effective materials and laboratories for implants, dentures and more, giving the patient top-tier dental quality while providing a competitive price for its services.”
  • Private dental treatment is customer-focused, choosing the materials, treatments and timeframes that make the most sense for that patient.

What is the Major Difference Between NHS and Private Dental?

The largest difference between the way a private dental clinic treats its customers and the way an NHS clinic works is the factors that are weighed in their decision-making processes.NHS dentists must consider external factors that can dictate the type of dental treatments a client receives. In private dental clinics, the only factors that matter are the patients’ needs and desires.


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