Common Sleeping Disorders and Prevention

It is nothing less than a curse if you face sleeping problems after every hectic day. A proper sleep is a very important part of a healthy routine. But, sleeping disorders are one of the most common issues both in adults as well as children.

Often they are caused due to stress, tight schedules, and other unhealthy food habits or routine.

Common Sleeping Disorders 1

But they can be controlled by knowing their causes and bringing some changes to lifestyle as well as following tips based on the type of your sleep disorder.

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Common types of sleeping disorders:

Insomnia – Inability to fall or remain asleep:

It is the common disorder especially seen in adults where one cannot fall asleep. It might be due various reasons like stress, jet lag, anxiety, or digestive problems.

They are categorized into three types:

  1. Where insomnia lasts for a few nights – known as transient.
  2. Insomnia occurs periodically – known as intermittent.
  3. If insomnia lasts for more than a month – known as chronic.

Sleep apnea – Breath pauses during sleep:

Here, one faces difficulty to breathe while sleeping. This leads to reduced oxygen levels in the body and it might eventually lead to serious health problems if not prevented.

Parasomnia: abnormal behavior during sleep.

This is commonly seen in children or old people where they would talk, walk, and show abnormal behavior suddenly while sleeping. Bed-wetting, night-mares, and teeth-grinding during sleep would also fall under this category.

Extreme stress and anxiety are the primary reasons for this type of disorder.

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Narcolepsy – sudden sleep attack when you are awake

This can be seen in children as well as students where you suffer from excessive sleepiness during day-time. This may eventually lead to sleep-paralysis.

Restless leg syndrome: overwhelming leg movement during sleep.

Here one would show abnormal and sudden leg movement during sleep. It might also cause uncontrollable sensation in legs like bugs crawling on legs which create urge to leg movement. Anxiety, anemia, and pregnancy are some of its reasons.

Snoring – harsh sound while sleeping:

When relaxed structures in the throat get vibrated when air passes through them, it causes sound and this is referred to as snoring. This is a common disorder that can be seen in every other person. In most cases it doesn’t need to be treated as a serious problem except that it causes disturbance to others. However, it can often be controlled by changing sleeping positions.

Often sleep apnea might be the cause of snoring.

Common Sleeping Disorders 2

These are common disorders that can be seen in most of the individuals. In initial stages each of them can be controlled and prevented by bringing simple changes to lifestyle:

Prevention insomnia:

  • Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Avoid taking naps during day time.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol intake as far as possible.
  • Make sure you exercise regularly, but have a minimum of 2 hour time gap between exercise and sleep.
  • Take a light meal during the night to make digestion easy.
  • Don’t use your phone or read e-books before sleeping as its light might act as a barrier to your sleepy eyes.
  • Read a book, listen to soothing music, and make your bedroom comfortable to sleep.
  • Above all, prepare your mind to sleep, just don’t overthink about unnecessary issues before sleeping. Always remember things don’t change overnight.
  • Add more vegetables, fruits, and other healthy ingredients to your
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These are tips that can help you prevent sleeping disorders in the very initial stage. If you are facing any thyroid issues or severe weight gain, then it can be the major reason for your sleeping disorder. Consult your dietician in that case.

Your entire day depends on your night sleep. Lack of sleep would not only affect brain and body functioning but also it might eventually lead to severe diseases. Make sure you control them as soon as possible.


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