Are There Any Benefits Of Using CBD Cream For Arthritis?

Diseases like Arthritis can decrease your productivity and quality of life. The Center for disease control and prevention website mentions that 1 in every 25 working individuals, aged between 18 to 64, encounter work limitations that they credit to Arthritis. 1 in every 4 individuals with Arthritis faces work limitations.

People are reluctantly looking for a solution to Arthritis. A poll organized by Arthritis Foundation suggests that 29% of the participants accepted the current consumption of CBD. Besides, 80% of the participants have either used CBD earlier, are using it, or thinking of it. So, is CBD cream UK the new trend? What are its benefits for Arthritis? Well, let us understand this.

CBD Cream For Arthritis

A Little About Arthritis

Before going to the effects of CBD, it is vital to understand Arthritis in brief. Arthritis is a common yet not well-understood issue. You cannot define it as a single disease. Instead, it is an umbrella term that includes several conditions and joint pain. The leading cause of disability in America, Arthritis, can be observed in people of all races, ages, and sexes.

With more than 100 kinds of Arthritis, 300,000 children and about 60 million adults suffer from pain. Women are comparatively more prone to it. It also becomes common as an individual grows old. Some of the common symptoms of Arthritis are stiffness, swelling, reduced range of motion, and pain. A not-so-known fact about Arthritis is that the symptoms do not always stay constant. They can come, go, and return. The level of symptoms varies from mild to severe. Severe Arthritis might cause chronic pain and inability to complete day-to-today tasks/activities.

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The most common form of Arthritis is Osteoarthritis in the United States. Some other common kinds include Rheumatoid arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, and Gout. Some forms of Arthritis result in permanent changes in joints. Different types might also affect the eyes, lungs, heart, skin, and kidneys. These damages are often visible only by X-ray.

So, this was about Arthritis. Let us come back to the use of CBD cream in Arthritis. The findings presented at the EULAR Annual Congress suggest that 60% of individuals with Arthritis revealed using CBD products to get rid of pain and other associated symptoms. So, there are expectations that CBD could be a potential solution.

CBD Cream For Arthritis

You might have heard that CBD cream UK can deal with pain and inflammation. These two terms incorporate a possible treatment for Arthritis. Arthritis is inflammation in the joint. It results in severe pain and other symptoms.

The drug might fight with it through its effect on the Endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a complicated network of receptors regulating various body processes, such as energy levels, mood, pain, metabolism, and inflammation.

Cannabinoids in CBD react with these receptors present in the nervous system and brain. It stimulates these receptors and affects the body processes associated with the Endocannabinoid system. It offers calmness and relaxation to our body and brain, causing relief in the intensity of Arthritis.

Benefits of CBD Cream in Arthritis

Here are some of the benefits of CBD cream UK might offer you in Arthritis.

  • Relaxation from Chronic Pain
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Chronic pain is another word for pain caused by a disease or injury that remains for a long time, sometimes even after recovering from that injury or illness. The pain level is different in different individuals, depending on various factors. However, it degrades one’s quality of life. One of the most prominent side-effects of Arthritis is pain. Though there are medicines to treat pain during Arthritis, most of them invite serious side effects. To a patient already facing the side effects of drugs taken for Arthritis, a painkiller might degrade their health for a long time.

These reasons drive people towards a potentially safer natural solution: CBD. A review in 2017 investigated the use of the drug for general chronic pain and analyzed various studies on it. After analyzing the reports of dozens of reviews and trials, the review concluded that there is strong evidence that Cannabis is an efficient alternative for adults with chronic pain.

  • It Might Deal with Inflammation and Swelling

You can easily find a person with Arthritis, going through inflammation and swelling. Not all, but most kinds of Arthritis are because of inflammation. In a healthy individual, the human body makes white blood cells responsible for fighting against the disease.

However, the immune system began giving an unusual response that damaged its tissues in inflammation. CBD looks like a promising option to suppress inflammatory responses. Most researchers believe that CBD might support activating apoptosis within cells of the immune system and stop the activities of cytokines at sites of inflammation.

Though evidence supports this, more research will help get a more comprehensive insight.

  • It Might Reduce Appetite
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Sometimes Arthritis comes with reduced appetite. Extreme stiffness and pain kill a person’s want to eat. Besides, medicines for Arthritis lessen the need. In such a situation, CBD might help you by regulating your diet.

So, these are some ways CBD might benefit Arthritis.

CBD might benefit Arthritis

CBD: A Preventative Measure?

With the rise in Arthritis among people, researchers are focusing on preventive measures to curb the issue. Can CBD cream help with it? Let us understand this.

Several factors make an individual more prone to Arthritis. They are:

  • Family gene and history.
  • The growing age of an Individual
  • Gender also affects the type of Arthritis. For instance, women are prone to rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • Joint damage
  • Obesity

While most of the above factors are inevitable, obesity is something you can regulate. A report by CDC suggests that adults who are obese report Arthritis comparatively more than the ones with low BMI. Now, CBD might help you to overcome obesity. The possible benefits of CBD to deal with stress, maintain appetite, regulate the sleep cycle, and boost energy level for exercise might support the fight against obesity.

That does not mean you will not maintain a healthy lifestyle; eat a nutritional diet to deal with obesity.


While CBD does not directly treat Arthritis, it might suppress the symptoms, making pain and inflammation bearable. You can apply CBD cream for scars to the area of pain. There are other methods also to incorporate CBD. It might help you deal with the pain and inflammation you thought would never go off.

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