How Important is Mental Health?

We all know that stress can kill and the past 3 years have seen a huge rise in stress levels, largely thanks to the Covid pandemic, which caused many people to lose their jobs. When people are under pressure, they are very good at masking this and even friends and family might have no idea that the person is under a lot of stress. Of course, talking about your problems is very helpful and this is something we all need; a trusted friend or partner who will listen and offer motivation and practical solutions. And if you are going through some tension, and don’t know where to start, you can get assistance at

Important is Mental Health

How to deal with mental health issues

Nothing can be done until the person recognises and accepts that they are suffering from stress and depression; once you reach this stage, there are a number of options.

  • Mental health counselling – There are qualified counsellors who are always happy to listen to your story and offer some practical advice; a quick Internet search is all it takes to find a counsellor, while Social Services have a depression hot line that everyone can use. The act of talking to another is often what is needed to give the person some clarity and regular sessions can lead to a structured plan that solves the issues.
  • Physical fitness – Most doctors would agree that daily exercise helps to maintain a balanced outlook on life. Invest in a Johnson Treadmill and you can start with a daily short run and build that up over time. It is important to be in good physical shape; a person who is overweight and inactive is far more likely to have mental health issues, so if you haven’t got a daily workout routine, this is something to change sooner rather than later.
  • Change your lifestyle – More often than not, depression is caused by spiralling into a negative routine and a change of lifestyle can be just what the doctor ordered. You could search for a job that brings you more pleasure than your current occupation, or make new friends by changing your social life. Taking up a new hobby might be the catalyst for change in other aspects of your life; it is never a good idea to spend too much time alone, so do get out and meet friends and family; social contact is important for us all and the pandemic caused many to become disconnected with the world. If you would like to wake up in the morning with more energy and motivation, click here for a guide.
  • Looking for signs of mental health issues –Whether yourself or a close member of your family, when a person experiences stress, there are different ways that people respond; some close off and become hermits, rarely talking to anyone if it can be avoided. Other symptoms include drinking to excess, the use of mind-altering substances and explosive bouts of anger.
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We all need to understand the risks to our good health & well-being and if you, or someone you know, is under pressure, rather than ignoring it, you should take positive steps to remedy the situation.


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