Several Great Reasons to Use a Physiotherapy Centre In Bangkok

It’s early in the working week, but already your mind can’t stop thinking about Sunday, when you will be back on the football pitch following a spell away. Your thoughts about scenarios that might come up during the game are a pleasant chance from the previous month or so.

Physiotherapy Centre In Bangkok

Looking back, it was a big ask, coming out of retirement to play after a period of ten years, but a few drinks and vanity helped you respond to some teasing from younger chaps at work. Then heading out to play without too much training was crazy. Inevitably, you stretched too far one occasion and landed badly. Thanks goodness, for the professionals at Bangkok Physiotherapy Centre.

  • You had heard from a colleague who suffered an injury playing badminton that the clinic was dedicated to raising physiotherapy in Bangkok to a new standard, and that claim was extremely accurate, as you soon found out for yourself.
  • Its founder was a former Thai junior tennis champion, so the centre understands all about sports injuries, where fully qualified and highly experienced physiotherapists soon diagnosed your condition and injury.
  • It appeared that part of your problem came from an old back injury when playing cricket, that you assumed had cleared up. That old condition caused micro tears in your muscles, which used to give you aches and pains and they recurred when you landed badly also causing damage to your knees. Fortunately, going to see the experts at the clinic the day afterwards soon had you on the road to recovery. At the same time, you discovered several easy ways to wake up with energy and motivation.
  • As well as your injury receiving the best treatment at the earliest stage, it also helped with your sleeping pattern, which can be badly affected by injury, which in turn can have ill effects on mental health through the worry and stress caused by a lack of sleep. Having therapy made you feel good about yourself and helped with your confidence in everyday life.
  • Your expert physiotherapist soon alleviated the worst of the pain, which was a massive relief as you received manual therapy followed by high power laser therapy and shockwave treatment, in the clean and modern clinic which contained all the latest up to date equipment.
  • Your heart, along with your injuries, felt the benefit of the treatment as lactic acids were released assisting the blood around your affected areas. Your relaxed muscles soon had your body operating with a healthy blood flow. Some swimming at a local club also aided your recovery.
  • Now you’re ready for action again, you have benefitted from being taught techniques and exercises to carry out so that the condition does not return, allowing you to stay fit and healthy and enjoy your sport for a few years longer.
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The services of qualified expert professionals at a high-class physiotherapy centre is the best way to deal with all manner of painful conditions and to offer assistance so that they don’t return.


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