How to Prevent Wrinkles: Top 6 Tips to Limit Skin Aging

As we age, our bodies go through a lot of changes. One of the most visible and obvious signs of aging is wrinkles on the skin. This occurs as the skin becomes weaker and less flexible. There is nothing at all wrong with having wrinkles, many would prefer to go through life without them.

How to Prevent Wrinkles

While we cannot slow down father time, we can hold him off for a little. With that in mind, this article is going to go over a few tips to help you prevent wrinkles and limit how much your skin is aging.

Visit a Dermatologist

Regularly visiting with a dermatologist is a great way to stay educated on the best things to do to keep your skin youthful and healthy. They can recommend treatments, evaluate how your current routine is working and make sure there are no skin-related issues you need to worry about.

They can give you tips on at-home remedies, and sometimes can even prescribe you certain skincare products to help with your problems. In some cases, this visit may even be covered by one of the many affordable Humana health insurance plans. Of course, be sure to familiarize yourself with your coverage beforehand to make sure.

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Protect Your Skin From the Sun

The sun is without a doubt one of the biggest enemies of your skin. The UV rays of the sun can cause damage to the skin, and reduce how elastic it is, which can make skin appear much older. As a result, whenever you are outside when it’s sunny, be sure to either cover up or use a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

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Even if it isn’t that sunny, your skin can still get damaged even when the sun is behind clouds. Be sure to reapply multiple times if you are out for long periods, and always seek to find the shade when possible. The more careful you are in the sun, the better your skin will ultimately look.

Use Moisturizer

As we age, our skin generally gets drier. Because of this, using a moisturizer a couple of times a day is generally a good idea. It helps to keep the skin hydrated, and many moisturizers include vitamins that can help fight off wrinkles. Aloe Vera moisturizers are considered to be among the most popular and effective ones because of the natural properties of the plan.

Also, moisturizers will often work better on clear and moist skin. So while adding a moisturizer to your hands or face when they are dry is good, the moisturizer is often more effective if you use it right after a shower or washing your hands.

Of course, when it comes to moisturizers and other products, it is important to choose high-quality products that are safe. There are several common ingredients you should avoid, as they can potentially damage or irritate your skin.

Find Ways to Reduce Your Stress Levels

If you find yourself stressing out constantly, you are doing your skin no favors. This is because stress provides an increase to our cortisol levels. This can speed up the aging process of your skin dramatically. Not only that, but always frowning or scowling can lead to the development of wrinkles as well.

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Thankfully, there are a variety of things you can do to help reduce your stress. This includes reading a good book, having a bath, doing some yoga, meditating, listening to your favorite music, or even just being mindful in your life. Not only will lowering stress help your skin, but can also make you a happier person.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Staying hydrated is also crucial for slowing down how quickly your skin ages. Drinking enough water keeps your skin looking full and vibrant. If you lack water, your skin can look very tight, could get flaky, and generally look weaker.

In addition to your skin, drinking a satisfactory amount of water every day is one of the simplest things you can do to keep your body in good condition. Nearly all body functions require water in some capacity, so be sure to drink your 8+ glasses a day.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is not only hazardous to your health and can lead to cancer and many other issues, it is also awful for your skin. Tobacco can severely damage both the collagen and elastin in your skin, which are responsible for how strong and elastic your skin is. Nicotine can also lead to contracted blood vessels, which limits the amount of blood flow, which in turn limits oxygen.

As you can see, there are a variety of different ways you can limit skin aging and slow down your skin from getting wrinkles. While combining multiple is best, even making a single change can help improve the youthfulness of your skin.

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