How To Relax Mind When Someone Is Being Missed Hard!?

Missing Hurts, Right?

Missing Hurts, Right?

By nature, we humans are social creatures. We get attached, get close, share multiple feelings and emotions, and when the person is gone far, they are remembered too. Loneliness is on the other side of the relationship or connection. The pain of someone’s absence and remaining recollections of time spent together might take up a good residence in a person’s heart when they are unable to see or speak to someone they care about.

By calling them or visiting them, one can sometimes help the pain of missing someone. However, reconnection isn’t always possible, and hence one could start to feel a sense of loss and grief that begins to dominate every area of the day.

Why do we Miss Someone?

There are a variety of reasons why people could miss someone they love and question how to let them go. Maybe the person felt like he didn’t get the proper closure after the relationship ended. Another possibility is that the person is still in a relationship that is about to end and that he is already missing and lamenting the emotional loss of the bond. These are all valid explanations for why a person might be missing someone in his life right now and experiencing nostalgia. One can use techniques to process, deal with, and get over the sorrow of missing someone, including journaling, talking to a therapist, or meditation.

The best word to describe this is ‘Nostalgia’. If somebody comes to mind while reading this, just know that nostalgia is a strong feeling. It’s normal to concentrate on the positive moments and ignore the negative ones when we remember someone we’ve lost. When a person thinks of someone important to them, whether it was an ex-lover, a past husband, or anyone, he or she might wish to recall positive memories. Stopping the idealization of the deceased is one method to deal with missing them. And if one continues to miss someone despite being in a channel of nostalgia, consider adopting a more realistic outlook on things.

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The pain of missing someone does not go away easily or overnight. Hence, to help alleviate this pain, the following are a few tips to try and keep the mind healthy and happy.

1. Let the Body Admit the Pain and the ‘Missing Someone’ Feeling

Missing Someone

There will be days when all a person would want to do is lie in bed and cry because he or she misses someone so much. While that is acceptable and common, try not to let it continue for too long. One can get rid of the pain by accepting it. Suppressing emotions can have a negative impact on a person’s mental health and potential future relationships by causing them to resurface or appear in different ways. Moving on might be aided by acknowledging the emotions and processing them.

2. Let the Mind be Busy for Sometime

Let the Mind be Busy for Sometime

If someone is being missed, one should seek out constructive diversion to help them stop thinking about the one being missed. Take up a new pastime, indulge in an old one, spend more time with other loved ones, read a good book, or join a group. Getting involved in a fitness center is an excellent idea. One might possibly meet someone new, which is wonderful as well!

3. May be this is a Sign to be ‘Social’

When a person is missing someone, it’s all right to grieve and be yourself for a while. However, when the time is appropriate, attempt to get out into the world. Get outside and speak to other loved ones. Visit the supermarket, the mall, or wherever one feels like going. Just go out and spend time with other people, enjoy the present, and appreciate the good things around you while creating fresh memories that will make one feel happy.

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4. Welcome the Future With Confidence

Welcome the Future With Confidence

The person will eventually notice that he is thinking about the missing person less, which will make it simpler to deal with the separation. The person might even meet someone else who will be liked. Some people feel wrong or guilty because they believe it is too soon or that they shouldn’t start a new relationship. Keep in mind that everyone deserves to move forward and live their life as they see fit. And if the person is feeling something for someone, now might be the right time. One can opt to begin creating new connections and memories at any time; there is no pre-determined period of time after which one must wait. This too shall pass.

What can be done in cases, such as

1. The Person being Missed is Staying Far

The Person being Missed is Staying Far

Texting, calling, and video chatting may not give the same emotions of fulfillment as face-to-face engagement, but it can make one feel closer to the other person while one endures the gap. Setting up regular “meeting” times offers the person something to expect. Since time cannot be changed, writing is a natural way to express feelings. Although they may appear old-fashioned, handwritten letters are a wonderful method to express emotions.

2. If it’s about ‘EX’

If it’s about ‘EX’

Relationships don’t need to always work out. Sometimes they go horribly wrong that one realizes even friendship is out of the question. One will likely still miss their ex, though. Knowing they are entirely gone may make one miss them even more. Over the course of this relationship, one probably spends a lot of time with them and grew used to their company. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding them split, it can be tough to accept this loss.

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3. If the Relationship does not Exist

If the Relationship does not Exist

Missing someone can occasionally lead to other difficult feelings. Maybe one stopped talking to the other because they disappointed or betrayed trust. One might mourn the joy they previously experienced together, but he might also feel remorseful or furious with himself for having feelings for someone who hurt him. One may be aware that he cannot continue to have any kind of contact with a parent who mistreated him, a friend who refused to address toxic behavior or a partner who cheated, yet still feel affection for them. It’s important to talk about and process the pain rather than rejecting it. Remain firm in the resolve to break off communication and, in its place, keep a journal or speak with a trusted friend.

4. If the Person is ‘No More

If the Person is ‘No More’

Death is the hardest loss and is typically the most difficult to bear. After separation, one might embrace the chance of future compromise, but the finality of death can leave one’s feeling as if one will miss the loved one always. One can try the following.

  • Invest time in places the person enjoyed, maybe a park, reading their favorite novel, or keeping a pet
  • Order from their favorite café or restaurant
  • As a memorial, plant a flower or a tree
  • Write a book recollecting all the shared experiences
  • Go back to the old videos or photos to feel them close again

Last Thoughts

When we can’t see the people we care about, it’s common for humans to miss them. This pain is just one result of the person’s ability to love. Take pleasure in the time spent with each other, even when nothing much happens. When apart, one will be at ease knowing that they made the most of their time together and will have happy memories to cherish till they are reunited.

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