Lifesaving Medical Glue Inspired By Slimy Slugs

The medical sector is one of the ameliorating sectors. The advancement in the field is necessary so as to save a number of people. The researchers are always on the lookout for a better solution. The researchers from the Harvard University have developed medical glue using the defensive mucus secreted by the slimy slugs. This new adhesive can transform the medical adhesive section.

Lifesaving Medical Glue Inspired By Slimy Slugs

What’s amazing about the bio-glue is that it is flexible, strong, and sticks to the wet surfaces as well. Recently, the researchers had sealed the hole in a pig’s heart using this medical adhesive. Thus, the bio-glue will have a huge demand after it commercializes.Sticking something wet is very difficult and very big challenge. Hence, the new medical glue will bring about a change in the entire concept.

The Dusky Arion slug forms sticky mucus as a defense against predators is what the researchers plan to use so as to develop medical glue. The material seems to be really positive owing to its biochemical shock absorber and adhesive nature. The adhesive nature that rises in the bio-glue is basically due to the attraction between the negatively charged cells in the body and the positively charged glue. The covalent bond formed between the glue and cell surface followed by the penetration capability into the tissue surfaces makes the perfect choice for medical glue. The shock absorbing nature helps it take in physical strain and stress.

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The medical glue is toxic-free as well as stronger than the current medical adhesives in the market. This new research can open new opportunities for the medical industry. The application as a sticky glue in the tissues such as heart and lungs makes the tough and stretchy material worth the use. The medical glue can be either injected in the form of liquids to heal deep wounds in the body or as a patch on the external surfaces. It can help deliver drugs to specific parts, stick medical devices on organs, and more. The glue just requires about 3 Minutes to attach to the surface and followed by half an hour to stick and get stronger.

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The researchers from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have already applied it for a patent approval. The benefits of the bio-glue have already been proved but now the researchers are looking forward to develop a biodegradable version that can disappear as the body heals. As there is a need for a new adhesive, the slimy slug’s mucus can help enhance healthcare and save lives. The research is still on so let’s wait and see when the product commercializes.


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