Preparing For Tubal Ligation Reversal

The old saying, “Truth is stranger than fiction” is aptly justified for some women. We are precisely talking about those who for some reason decide to tie their tubes (tubal ligation). According to reports, many of these women regret their decision later and look for ways to reverse the procedure.

Preparing For Tubal Ligation Reversal
Of course, Tubal Ligation reversal is now possible, considering, most women would undergo the above procedure for the first time; they should know how to prepare for it. Let us help you in this aspect. After consulting the best doctors and surgeons, we have made the following guide.

Identify the best surgeon for tubal reversal

Tubal reversal procedure does not require a woman to stay in the clinic for weeks. However, the surgery requires precision and accuracy. Unless the surgeon has experience in handling matters related to the fallopian tubes, they can never initiate the procedure accurately. Furthermore, it is feasible identifying doctors who have rich experience in treating reproductive aspects.
Adequate knowledge of microsurgery is also a key factor. The diagnosis of the previously done tubal ligation is equally essential for the doctor. Therefore, in your pursuit of selecting the right doctor, bear all the factors stated above in your mind. When you realize, you are in the able hands of a seasoned doctor, you will feel more confident.

Identify the best surgeon for tubal reversal

Have all medical records related to tubal ligation ready

We already mentioned above, it is only after evaluating the earlier reports of the tubal ligation, a tubal reversal surgeon can plan the next move. Thus, you must get in touch with the clinic and keep all the medical records with you, if you do not have them already. The said operative records will reveal the type of tubal ligation, you underwent. In some cases, the tubal ligation is permanent and is irreversible.
Generally, the time gap between tubal ligation and the decision to reverse can be of many years. So, there is every possibility, of misplacing those records. That doesn’t mean the chances of tubal reversal become bleak. It would require the doctor to perform additional evaluation tests, and it can add up to the cost of tubal reversal surgery.

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Have all medical records related to tubal ligation ready

Book an appointment with the clinic

When you are through with the above points, it is time to schedule an appointment with a tubal reversal doctor. Some clinics also offer the convenience of free telephonic conversation or chat sessions. It can save your precious time and money, as the doctor after going through the previous records can suggest, whether you are eligible for the tubal reversal surgery.
Apart from the reports of tubal ligation, the doctor has to take into account other vital stats too. Factors like age, the present body weight, pregnancy history, presence of any health conditions are all imperative points. For your information, most of the tubal reversal clinics will advise the male partner to go for a semen analysis. To sum it up, the doctor would leave no stones unturned in increasing the chances of pregnancy post tubal reversal.

Confirm the date of surgery

Once the doctor confirms, you are eligible for the tubal ligation reversal, it is time to plan a convenient date for the same. Initiate communication with the clinic and determine the right time for getting admitted as an outpatient. You might come across people who get the chance of undergoing the surgery soon after the initial consultation.
But, remember, for some, it can take a few months before the doctor gives the approval. It primarily depends on the factors mentioned above. If you are healthy and have no health issues, the doctor can schedule the surgery soon. Else, they will treat the ongoing conditions and then proceed for the tubal ligation reversal.
Usually, the doctor will perform the surgery between days 5 and 12 of the menstrual cycle. As you know, some women tend to have irregular cycles, the doctor in such cases, implement birth control pills for controlling the schedule of surgery.

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Confirm the date of surgery

Things to do just before the surgery

At least a week before the surgery, the doctors will examine you once more. The tests may include blood examinations, a full-body check-up, and an ultrasound. Finally, on the eve of the surgery, the doctor will once again advise you and direct the proper way of taking foods. For the best results, refrain from eating or drinking after midnight.

During the day of surgery

The procedure should not take more than an hour. The doctor will make a small incision and do their work. You should not feel much discomfort after the procedure. You may be discharged from the clinic the same day, or have to stay for a day or two. Rarely do patients stay for more than three days after the successful completion of tubal reversal surgery.

Things to do after the surgery

Within a week or ten days max, you can resume the normal activities. Meanwhile, you should remain in constant touch with the doctor. If necessary, pay a visit to the clinic as the doctor may want to take a look at the incision and check for infections. All the while, the doctor will guide you on how to proceed and become pregnant.
Generally, women should conceive within six months after the tubal ligation reversal. If a woman fails to conceive within the abovementioned time frame, the doctors will re-evaluate the tubes, and depending on the results suggest other alternatives.


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