10 Healthy Habits to Stay Fit

We all want a healthy lifestyle, and we want to be fit. However, it can be hard to maintain the healthy habits that we need to stay fit and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

10 Healthy Habits to Stay Fit

Drink Green Tea

Drink Green Tea

We have all heard about the benefits of drinking green tea.  As a matter of fact, if you look at all the diet products, you will find majority of them include green tea in the ingredients.  Here are some of the benefits of drinking green tea:

  • Packed with antioxidants and nutrients for overall health
  • Contains Fat burning properties, which helps with weight loss
  • Can improve brain function (hey who don’t want to be smarter and more alert?)
  • Green tea can reduce the risks getting Type II Diabetes
  • Can Improve cardiovascular health

Keep water within reach

Keep water within reach

Keep water with you always…this won’t do any good if you don’t drink it though.  As a habit, I keep water next to my night stand.  Get a pretty water bottle and keep it filled and take it with you everywhere.  You can also add some lemon or lime to your water…if you like.

Walk on lunch breaks

No need for explanations with this one. Just get out and take a quick walk on your lunch break (after eating of course).  You will feel better, not only will taking a walk improve your mood, but it will also help you focus.  Of course, you know walking is good for the heart and hey if it burns calories to help manage your weight, why not…win-win.  Who wants to be stuck at a desk all day anyway.

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Count color, instead of calories

Most of us get so caught up in counting calories, that we fail to realize that counting calories will not guarantee that we are eating enough nutritious meals.  Furthermore, you end up feeling hungry all the time and end up snacking throughout the day.  So, stop counting calories and start counting colors. You can start by aiming for five different colors per day.

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Skip the Mixed Drinks

Drinking alcohol while trying to lose, or maintain your weight is a no-no.  However, if you must indulge in alcohol, do so sparingly.  Also try drinking wine, if that is not to your taste, another substitute is straight liquor, such as gin, scotch, vodka, etc.  Do keep in mind that alcohol supplies empty calories, which provides no nutritional values.  In addition, alcohol inhibits the fat-burning process, which contributes to more fat storage.  With that said, avoid sugar-sweetened drinks or mixing alcohol with soda or juice.

Alcohol Supplies Almost Twice as Many Calories as Protein and Carbs

Stay off the scale

I know how difficult this one can be, because we want to see the results. My answer to this is, you can see the results in the way your clothes fits.  From experience, if you keep looking at the scale, and you don’t see the results that you expect, guess what will happen?  You will get discouraged and end your progress, so stay off the scale.  Maybe once a month, but not every week or every day like I use to do…Just No!

Have a cheat day

I probably will take a lot of heat for this one…but this is based on my personal experience.  I love food, but I know that for me to stay healthy and maintain the body that I want (at my age), I must eat clean, but if I feel like I’m depriving myself of “fun foods”, I will not make it. Trust me, I have fallen many times, until I start my “cheat day”. My cheat day is on Fridays, why not…it’s the end of the week, and you need to unwind.  Don’t get me wrong, don’t go too crazy.  On your cheat day, you could have that ice-cream that you’ve been craving, or maybe you need to have an adult beverage…Happy hour…a slice of cake…you get the picture.

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Don’t forget the health fats

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how important health fats are to your diet.  Omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of your diet.  Some foods that contains omega-3 fatty acids are fish, nuts, and avocados.  Omega-fatty acids are great for high cholesterol, depression and anxiety, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and some skin conditions, such as eczema or psoriasis.  Believe it or not, it has also known to support weight loss.  If you don’t have enough in your diet, you can take supplements containing omega 3.  I use Bayberg Omega 3 Fish Oil, you can get something similar at your local drug store, such as Nature Made  or on Amazon for a fraction of the price.

Limit your take out or dining out

Not only will limiting your take out, help you save money, but it will also save your waist line.  It is an expensive habit to eat out, trust me on this, I know.  Simple fact, we have no idea what they put in the food when preparing it, so why not make your own food. Not only that, the portions are much larger.  If you do happen to eat out, don’t finish the entire meal, take some home for lunch or dinner the next day.

Don’t Skip Meals

Dont Skip Meals

In the past, I had a habit of skipping breakfast, or perhaps, I’ll skip lunch.  Growing up we were told that breakfast is the most important meal of the deal and it is.  Aim for six small meals a day; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three healthy snacks. For me lunch is difficult, but I get real cranky when I’m hungry, so…no more skipping meals for me.

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It is not easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle; but it can start with the above 10 healthy habits to stay fit.  What healthy habits do you practice in your lifestyle?  Please share with us.


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