Sustaining Capacity Development Results in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Center for Socially Dangerous Disease Control’s (UCDC) “Sustaining Capacity Development Results” event could not have been better timed with the news we received together that day.

From left to right: Vitaily Karanda, Dr. Nizova and Alisher Latypov. (Photo: Sara Wilhelmsen)

Together, the UCDC and Country Collaboration Initiative/Leadership, Management, and Governance-Ukraine project hosted an event on September 25, 2015 to showcase capacity gains over the past 21 months and commit to plans for using their new capacity. The event was the LMG Project’s main closeout activity, phasing down and out their support to UCDC before starting to support the International HIV/AIDS Alliance and All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV (PLWH).

We celebrated the joint successes achieved during a constantly shifting environment while working in a time of crisis and healthcare system reform for Ukraine. Fifteen senior executive and managerial staff reviewed 35+ strategies, plans, policies, communications, assessments, and other tools that UCDC’s leadership believe have transformed them into a stronger organization with more capability to play a sustained leadership role in the healthcare system reform process.

UCDC staff with Alisher Latypov (LMG/Ukraine Project Lead), Stanislav Sereda (LMG/Ukraine Project Specialist), Narmina Strishenets (LMG/Ukraine Communications Consultant) and Sara Wilhelmsen (MSH). (Photo: Sara Wilhelmsen)

Coinciding with the event was a Ministry of Health order formally establishing a Center for Public Health, and appointing the current UCDC Director to oversee this major transition. With the passing of this order, various separate public agencies will be merged into one. This was the long awaited news for the way forward during a transitional period.

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Described as a breakthrough and significant milestone by UCDC, the partnership with the LMG Project allowed for a focus on internal capacity development that may not have been possible otherwise during a time of crisis in Ukraine. Although roles are changing, this increased capacity is transferrable meaning that current UCDC staff are prepared to enter their new roles. Today, UCDC staff feel ready for the exciting challenges ahead, and their new positions within the Ukrainian public health system.

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