The Best Places to Shop for Women’s Underwear

Do you feel supported in your underwear? Can you enjoy lightweight materials that are also fashionable, or are you stuck with a tight elastic waistband that’s sucking you in? Women across the country have a difficult time finding bras, panties, and other undergarments that are both fashionable and functional. As a result, they either buy cheap items that break or suck themselves into restricting shapewear.

Shop for Women's Underwear

There is good underwear out there for you. Follow these tips to find the best places across the web.

Look for niche specialty sites.

If you need to find panties and bras for a specific use or in a specific style, try to find niche websites that offer the pieces you need. Major websites will have a large selection of items, but not necessarily the pieces you want. For example, if you are a woman looking for comfortable underwear that doesn’t give you wedgies or show panty lines under your clothes, find a niche site that specializes in boxer briefs for women. The search phrase “boxing shorts womens” will drive much better results on a targeted website than on a generic e-commerce page.

Specialty sites can help you find underwear for multiple occasions. For example, some sites cater specifically to plus-size women. These brands offer a large selection of bras that are also cute and sexy. This is a break from the plain solid colors that are often sold to plus-size women on generic sites. Not only will these bras have lace and other fashionable features, but they can also offer more support and versatility because they were developed with plus-size women in mind. This is better than taking a basic-style bra and making it larger, regardless of fit.

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Take your measurements to find the right fit.

Clothing sizes for American women are confusing and cruel. Brands can set different sizes to make women feel skinnier or limit the sizes of women who can shop at those stores. A woman who is normally a size 10 could be a size 6 in one brand and a size 14 in another. This makes finding bras and under-pieces online nearly impossible when you can’t trust size numbers to give you a perfect fit.

To avoid confusion in sizing, take your measurements before you start to look for clothes. Centimeters and inches aren’t biased, and you can use these numbers to find the right fit in different brands.

Many underwear companies offer virtual fitting options, which can help you find the right size bra based on your measurements. When you find the perfect bra the first time, you won’t have to get frustrated by a company’s return process and delay having activewear with excellent support.

Search based on your specific needs.

Not all underwear is meant for the same activities. Some sports bras are meant to help keep everything in place so athletes can focus on their performance instead. Sexy lingerie is meant to accentuate the very assets that sports bras were hoping to contain.

As you shop for bras online, make a note of the types of websites you are browsing. While a luxury lingerie brand might have a sports and fitness section, the website might not have the selection you need or the quality you expect. Try to narrow your search based on the types of underwear and bras you are looking for. This way, you don’t have to filter through everyday wear results when you are looking for something that offers great support during fitness activities.

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Finding the right bras and panties can be tricky, but these search tips can make it easier. Don’t forget to look for ways to save money on the various sites you are searching on. Find ways to earn free shipping or look for discounts to apply at checkout. A few dollars saved here and there can add up!


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