Difference between an Empath and a Clairsentient

Emotions and feelings play an important role in human life at an individual level. Human emotions make humans. The growth of an individual is largely impacted by emotions. Empathy is such an emotion that determines your social bonding with people. Empathy helps you understand others’ pain & feelings and you eventually develop genuine respect towards other individuals. This trait makes you a better human being both on a personal and professional level.

Difference between an Empath and a Clairsentient

Well, in general empathy is heard often but clairsentience is not! If you are reading this article you are someone who heard the word clairsentience once or twice and got curious about it. So, here I would help you understand the difference between an empath and a clairsentient

Who is an empath?

An empath is someone who can feel and experience others’ emotions and energies. They can share your feelings and comfort you.

Of course, everyone can easily say “I understand what you feel!” to sympathize with you.

But, not everyone does it. A real empath is the people who genuinely feel your emotion vividly and clearly as you do.

Who is an empath

Every person cannot be an empath. The environment in which a person lives, largely impacts their emotional state. Being an empath has both positive and negative impacts. On one hand, it helps you understand other emotion and make you a highly compassionate person. On the other hand, you might make you struggle with others’ suffering and pain on such things you don’t have any control over. For example, any sad news on TV would make you sad and you tend to worry for a long time for which you can’t do anything.

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An empath can feel things very deeply for people they are connected to. They can feel the energy from a room or from a distance of miles. However, empaths can feel the energy from everyone and anyone. They can even truly feel empathy towards other living beings including mother earth.

Who is clairsentient?

Clairsentient is a set of empaths with a small difference that they choose to pick up on the context around their emotions.

The word Clairsentience comes from the word Clair and sentience. Clair means clear and Sentience stands for feeling. In a book called Wheels of light, Clairsentience is defined as the ability to sense others’ emotions. It is the ability that helps you sense the past, present, and future at a physical and emotional level. This means clairsentients are more sensitive towards others’ emotions than empaths. They would even get visual flashes of the other’s emotions and events which caused those emotions like a story.


Yes, it would be tough to believe that clairsentience is a real thing!

Clairsentience is similar to sixth sense. A study in 2014 suggested that people can sense such things which they believe they cannot see. But, this isn’t something magical or supernatural. This can be simply explained in terms of visual processing. So, you can truly believe clairsentience is a real thing when it really happens to you.

Here are some signs of having clairsentience

  • You tend to use phrases like “I feel,” or “I sense it” very often.
  • Quiet time in nature energizes you.
  • You feel anxious when handling or holding older items.
  • You strongly trust your gut.
  • You tend to be a great listener because you truly empathize with others.
  • You easily get “goosebumps” or chills for no or small reasons as you become more sensitive.
  • You might eventually be called “over-sensitive” or “over-emotional” by people around you.
  • You can easily understand the situation.
  • You subconsciously feel uncomfortable or even physically sense dark energy around you.
  • You easily get overwhelmed for small reasons.
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So, these are traits of an empath and a clairsentient. Now, let us look into the basic differences which differentiate them.


The primary and basic difference between an empath and a clairsentient is the level of knowledge, awareness, and control they have over others’ emotions.

An empath feels others’ emotions, thoughts, and energy and believes them as their own without any control over it whereas a clairsentient is someone who feels others’ feelings and emotions with awareness and control over them.

Usually a clairsentient begins as an empath and learns to refine energy and emotion exchange to get a deeper insight of others’ feelings. However, there are some exceptions. Some people get the ability of clairsentience naturally as a gift.

Being clairsentient can really help you to develop social bonds and strengthen relationships. It makes you a better human being. The good news is that you can develop this ability using a few practices.

How to develop clairsentience?

Who is clairsentient

Firstly, you have to become self-aware and listen to your inner voice more than external chaos. Although self-awareness seems to be an obvious thing but in reality, it is not. It requires a lot of self-observation and acceptance of who you are. Meditation is one of the effective ways which help in achieving self-awareness. Further, this develops your intuition abilities. So start meditation today and have faith in your gut.

Bottom Line

Not everyone can be an empath. Undeniably, empathy is one of the emotions which make you kind, humane, and compassionate. But, over time it might become self-destructive when you start turning over-empathetic. In order to avoid that level of empathy, you have to turn your empathy to clairsentience which truly helps you as well as people around you. You become conscious of your actions and emotions. It contributes to your overall growth. Your EQ (Emotional quotient) determines your growth more than your IQ(Intelligence quotient). So, there is a necessity to work on it.

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 As you have now understood the difference between an empath and a clairsentience, which term do you think would describe you more?

An empath or a clairsentient!?

Let us know in the comment section.


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