How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps Fast

A clean-shaven face has always been associated with the cult of executive look! Keep the cult aside, but you will still find that awesome, or sexy. But, let’s now talk about the shady side of shaving — Razor Bumps. This thing has troubled almost every person who has shaved, at least once! I mean, just think about it. You’re all set after a clean shave, and the next day, you see razor bumps and rashes appear. That is one of the biggest annoying things for everyone, period. And, yes, these nasty things can appear not just on your face but also everywhere you shave — underarms, chest, legs and we can go on listing things out.

How To Get Rid Of Razor Bumps

Things are rather worse for people with sensitive skin! Even the slightest touch with razor will put them into a kind of death, with rashes all over the body. But the ones desperate to remove razor bumps are the ones with razor allergy. So, no matter whether you have a sensitive skin, are allergic to razor or have some serious razor bumps on your face, this guide is for you. We have listed down everything you’ve to know about razor bumps and get rid of them fast. First of all, we will have a look on how razor bumps appear and the reasons!

The Thing About Razor Bumps — What, How and Why

As we said, Razor Bumps is one of the biggest side-effects of shaving. You don’t have to be allergic towards razor or have a sensitive skin to have these bumps appear on your body. Even if you have a normal skin and you shave once in a while, you may be suffering from razor bumps. In other words, they are so common but also extremely annoying, for that matter. Itching is one of the major problems here, but you cannot pop that bump either. Chances are, you will end up creating a scar on your face.

This happens no matter where you are shaving. If the hair refuses to grow back in the right manner, you will have razor bumps in your body: that’s it. Now that you know very well about razor bumps — also known as razor rash, bikini bumps and shaving bumps —, shall we check out the remedies.

Getting Rid of Razor Bumps Fast

Well, the thing about razor bumps is that it will go away after some time. But, you cannot wait till that point, suffering all the pain and itching, right? So, here are some fast-enough ways to remove razor bumps from a part of your body — be it face, legs or chest.

Method #1 Applying Aloe Vera Extracts on the Bumps

Aloe Vera is proven to be one of the best remedies for razor bumps. Well, you have two options here — both natural and processed. It has a lot of medical value and can prevent the spreading of infections. As far as the razor bumps are concerned, Aloe Vera can moisturize your skin, leading to better health.

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Suppose you have an Aloe Vera plant in your garden. So, when you think you have a razor bump, go to the garden and get the tip of some Aloe Vera leaves. Crush those tips and get the gel into your hand. Now, gently apply the gel on your razor bumps.  Once it dries, you can rinse it off.

However, if you don’t have an Aloe Vera plant in your garden, don’t worry. There are a lot of Aloe Vera gels you can purchase from the market. Of course, it is necessary to choose a gel from a trusted brand, which doesn’t use artificial colors or flavors.

With this method, you can get rid of razor bumps in a pretty fast manner. You will have to do this twice or thrice a day The thing about Aloe Vera gel is its multipurpose nature. Did you know that you can use Aloe Vera gel as shaving cream as well? It’s quite effective in preventing your skin from shaving-based damages.

Method #2 Applying Honey on Razor Bumps

Using Honey is perhaps the easiest way to get rid of razor bumps. For the best part, you have no problem to get your hands on honey, because it’s available in even some general stores. Also, the impact is pretty quick.

It is recommended to use honey in combination with yogurt. Yogurt, being another moisturizer, can help get rid of razor bumps in no time. So, first of all, you have to mix Yogurt and Honey in 1:1/2 ratio. You can adjust the amount according to the number of razor rash you have. Once you have applied the mixture on bumps, let it dry for a few minutes. After some time, you can wash it off using normal water or lukewarm water.

Doesn’t that sound truly simple? Although you will have to do it twice a day, the impact of Yogurt will reduce the itching and pain in a few minutes. Did you know that Honey can also be used as a fix for burns? Well, it’s a bonus act.

Method #3 Coconut Oils for the Rescue

Razor Bumps are not the only thing that coconut oil can help you remove. Coconut oil, in case you did never notice, is effective for many things. It not only moisturizes your body but also offers protection. For the time being, let’s use it for razor bump removal.

Using this method is pretty simple than you expect. All you need is a few teaspoons of coconut oil and a kind of soft material for applying the oil. It works for bigger bumps as well. So, you can simply dip the material in some coconut oil and apply it on the areas of razor rash. Like the other things we used, let it dry for a while and rinse. This needs to be repeated two times a day, which is okay.

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Coconut oil is rather a panacea, because of its multipurpose nature in fixing issues. You can use coconut oil for getting rid of burns and infections as well.

Method #4 Hot Compress – the Universal Way-Out

This is one method to get rid of razor bumps without many external materials. We’re using Hot Water and a piece of clothing. You can get these two things, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. So, if none of the abovementioned methods are available, go near the kettle.

Get some hot water from the kettle and dip a piece of cotton in the water. Make sure that the water has a mediocre temperature so as not to burn your body. Now, gently press the hot piece of clothing towards your razor bumps. Do not apply much pressure, since it may pop the razor bump. You will have to do this twice a day, with 3-5 presses each time.

The heat that comes from the cloth will open up the pores in your body. This will help the hair to come back straight and grow out. This method has been incredibly effective for all people, even those who have allergy and skin sensitivity. Say, if you are sensitive towards coconut oil or Aloe Vera, hot water can help.

Method #5 Cucumber and Milk

You can always use cucumber alone for removing razor bumps, but Milk is a worthy companion. First, you’ve to create a mixture of cucumber and milk. Now that you have the mixture, there are two options: first, you can directly apply the cucumber on razor bumps, for normal effect. Second, you can freeze the cumber mix for a while and apply it for enhanced effect.

There are a few things you should do after this, though. First of all, make sure you wash your body area using cold water. Second, it’s recommended to use a moisturizer for getting rid of further issues. You can repeat this action twice or thrice a day until the razor bumps are removed completely. If you don’t find milk available at the time, simply apply cucumber on the body; it helps.

So, these are some effective ways to get rid of razor bumps pretty fast. Of course, there are a lot of alternatives you can use in place of these. For instance, you can get alcohol, white tea, black tea, cornstarch etc. and apply them on your body. However, according to our experience and experts, the abovementioned methods seem to be the best. And, in case you didn’t notice, all those materials have medicinal value too.

The Reason Behind Razor Bumps

If you are wondering how razor bumps appear, there’s an interesting reason. When you shave, you’re cutting off the facial hair from the top, right? After some time — not even a day, but a few hours —, the hair would start growing. And, when it starts growing, it may not come out straight. Instead, the hair goes around and gets twisted in such a way that it doesn’t come out at all. Rather, you will have a bump on your face, because your body reacts to that misplaced hair. And, the bump will stay there for some time, you know.

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Now that you know the reasons why these bumps appear, you can also think about preventing them, right?

How to Prevent Razor Bumps from Appearing?

And, while the abovementioned ways will help you remove razor bumps quickly, it’s better not to have one! If you pay some attention while shaving, you can prevent razor bumps from coming out. Some of such useful methods are as follows.

  • Always make sure that you use a clean, quality-rich and corrosion-free razor for shaving your beard or any other part of your body. We don’t recommend multiple reuse of same razors.
  • Use of shaving cream is much appreciated, because it can moisturize your skin. This way, you will be able to reduce the impact of the razor and thus get rid of razor bumps. You can, alternatively, go for cold water or Aloe Vera gel.
  • Shaving in opposite direction can cause not only razor bumps but also other issues. So, unless you’re really comfortable and okay, don’t shave in the opposite direction. And, if you really want that fully-fledged shaving experience, make sure you use any of the remedies before razor bumps appear.
  • This is something personal, but make sure which one among regular razors and electric shavers are comfortable for you. If one of them is causing less issues and no razor bumps, go for that.
  • Last but not least, don’t go for razors that have multiple blades. While they may be really effective in giving you a quick and nice shave, side-effects aren’t really appreciated by anyone.

So, these are some easy ways to prevent the rise of razor bumps, apart from that of reducing the frequency of shaving sessions. And, if you have shaved your leg or bikini areas recently, make sure you leave cotton-based dress or any dress that allow air circulation. This contact with air will surely help you reduce bumps.

Wrapping Up

So, here you have it — everything you should know about razor bumps and how to get rid of them fast. We have recommended the best methods we’ve found useful, although there may be tens or hundreds of them. Make sure you pick the one convenient for you. Also, if you can be a bit careful before you start shaving, you will not have to worry much about razor bumps anymore. Anyway, hope this article helps.


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