How to Get Rid Of Chest Congestion Naturally

Your Chest is at the same time the most important and sensitive part of the body! You must not ignore even the simplest issues regarding your chest, for obvious reasons. Without you knowing, it may cause some big issues, even threatening your entire life. And, if you have been ignoring Chest Congestion as though it is not a big problem, you’re somewhere wrong. In most cases, Chest Congestion doesn’t appear on its own. It has had many reasons for appearance, dealing with your current environment and lifestyles. And, yes, you guess that right, Chest Congestion is quite a common thing among the current population, including millennials.

How to Get Rid Of Chest Congestion Naturally

That having said, not all cases of chest congestion are due to serious diseases or body conditions. In most of the cases, they are caused due to common issues that people come across, say Cold. As it turns out, there’s a bunch of natural remedies you can try to get rid of chest congestion effectively. This article discusses some of the most effective ways on how to get rid of chest congestion naturally. But there’s a catch: you need to understand the reason behind chest congestion if you need to take the right decision. So, before we begin a list of remedies, we should know the possible reasons that cause chest congestion. Shall we start?

Chest Congestion and Possible Causes

You probably need no introduction to chest congestion, since the name speaks for itself. When you have this issue, your chest will feel congested and you will not be able to breathe in a smooth manner. Depending on the intensity of the problem, you will have to lose your sleep and interrupt your day-to-day activities.

As you can guess, chest congestion has something to do with the organs located at your chest — your Lungs, in this case. The congestion happens when your respiratory tract is filled with something. In most cases, it’s some fluids and mucus.

There are many symptoms for chest congestion and a running nose and headache are just some of them. It should be noted that additional symptoms may be present depending on what is causing congestion. Some of the common reasons that cause chest congestion are as follows.

  • Bronchitis, a common respiratory disease, is known for its impact on chest congestion. One of those major symptoms of Bronchitis is the inability to breathe and chest congestion can make it worse.
  • Tuberculosis is also a common issue that deals with your respiratory system and causes congestion in chest at times. This is something you should treat medically; unless, you’d suffer heavily.
  • Cold and Allergy are perhaps the most common and probable reason why you have severe congestion at chest. Depending on personal allergies and the place you’re living in, it can become worse.
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Another common cause for chest congestion would undoubtedly be your addiction to smoking. When you’d smoke too much, the lungs get filled with mucus and other fluids, along with polluted elements, causing the whole respiratory system get into some coma.

Well, this is the basic set of information you should know about chest congestion. It won’t be wrong to say that chest congestion is a naturally-occurring issue, just like cold or headache. Thankfully, though, you can try some natural methods to get rid of chest congestion without further care.

How to Get Rid of Chest Congestion Naturally?

This is a big question and has multiple answers. We don’t want to list out all the methods you can use, since most of them are not really practical. So, we have handpicked the best chest congestion removal techniques from different medical streams and cultures out there. And, all the recommended techniques are tested and proven to be quite reliable.

That having said, you should note one thing: Normal type of chest congestion is something that you can get rid of through these methods. At times, though, chest congestion will be caused by some serious issues like the one we mentioned. So, if you think your suffering is too intense, professional help is a must.

#1 Get Some Steam

Powerful steam is one way to get rid of the mucus that is accumulated in your lungs. So, steam is your go-to choice for fixing the problem of congested chest. Depending on where you live and convenience, there are a bunch of ways to steam your body. And, the first and easiest method is to get a hot shower. The best part about is that your entire body will become hot and you can also get rid of headache if you have any.

There are a few steps to follow if you are getting a steam-based bath. First of all, make sure that you turned on the shower for a while before you enter the bathroom. That way, you will get a steamy feeling as soon as you make the entrance. The environment matters more than hot water simply falling on your body. As much as you need, you can spend under the shower, and temperature should be set to medium.

Another convenient method, if you don’t like to take a shower all the time, is to get a steamer. These things are pretty common and you can get one from the general store. This method makes sure that steam directly enters your body and reaches the area where mucus is accumulated. As a result, there will be a quick removal of mucus and other fluids that cause chest congestion.

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#2 Using Honey or Essential Oils

Honey and Essential Oils are two things that can help you get rid of chest congestion easily and naturally. If you don’t mind consuming honey, you can go for that. On the other hand, if you need a kind of method that relieves your body and gets rid of chest mucus, essential oils are the best. However, both these agents have been proven to be quite effective in getting rid of chest congestion and chest mucus.

We believe that using of honey is the simplest option out there. For one, you can buy honey from almost all stores out there. Consuming it is completely according to your taste. If you can have it alone, be cool about that. Or, it is recommended that you mix it with some hot water and consume the liquid. Either way, make sure that some honey enters your body.

Coming to the use of essential oils, there are two options. First, if you have an essential oil diffuser, you can use that way. It also makes sure that the oils can get into your respiratory system without any trouble. That having said, if you don’t your room to have that smell, you can apply essential oils on your body, better if it is accompanied by some carrier oil. Essential oils have a great skill of resisting chest congestion.

#3 Using Vapor Rubs and Decongestant Agents

These two are considered the best way to get rid of chest mucus. Just like the other methods we mentioned earlier, having a Vapor Rub or decongestant agent is an easy task, thanks to the popularity. You can go to a general medical store and get them. That having said, we’d recommend that you should purchase a vapor rub that is quite popular and trusted by customers.

Vapor Rubs are perhaps the most effective way to treat chest congestion, especially among kids. First of all, you don’t have to go through the process of steam and essential oils. You can stay on your bed and the vapor rub has to be applied on your chest and neck. The best part of applying vapor rubs is that your body becomes a bit hotter, which is another great way for chest mucus removal.

Coming to the case of decongestant agents, there is a wide variety of products available in the market. First of all, you have to choice to go for nasal, liquid or tablet forms of treatment. We believe the nasal mode has been quite effective in comparison, since it deals with your lungs somewhat directly. Still, you can consider your convenience. In case you’re wondering, these agents are pretty cheap.

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#4 Gargling Hot, Salt Water

Did you know that Salt has an awesome ability to fight of infection and other issues?

As a matter of fact, it can also help you in the process of removing chest congestion and chest mucus. Using this method is also an easy process, because all you have to do is to gargle some hot, salt water. If you need better results, you can create a mixture of hot water, salt and turmeric. Thanks to the better resistance skills of turmeric, chest congestion will be removed as quickly as possible.

Just like in the case of chest congestion, Gargling is pretty effective for fixing your issues of cold and majority of throat infections. So, if you think your chest congestion problem is caused by cold or throat issues, you’d find better results with gargling. Unless you have the desired effect, you can repeat gargling in a day. Results will be better if gargling is accompanied by a vapor rub.

#5 Eat Food That Helps

We have already mentioned some great materials that can help you get over chest congestion, but that isn’t all. There is quite an indirect way of affecting chest congestion by choosing the food you have. Here is a list of top food that can have a positive impact on getting rid of chest congestion naturally. It’s not like this food alone will keep everything away. Rather, you can create a combination between such useful food and some of the abovementioned removal methods.

  • Soups and Spicy food have a role in reducing the impact of chest congestion. These foods make sure that your throat and lungs are not left with mucus, by making the areas active with heat.
  • You can also try having food that comes with rich amount of turmeric. And, if you can mix turmeric while gargling, the results would be way better.
  • Honey, as we said earlier, is a great agent to fight against chest congestion. So, even if you can’t take it alone, you should try to have food that has some components of honey in it.
  • This might sound a bit weird, but you need to keep drinking a lot of water. Leaving your whole body dehydrated is not the best idea to help your body from chest congestion. So, keep drinking water.

Make sure you include at least some of such food in your daily diet. You will surely speed up the process of chest congestion removal.

The Bottom Line

It does not matter which method you choose for removing chest congestion, you should not leave this issue unattended. If you do, consequences will be quite worse and you may end up in a lot of issues.


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