Metrotown RMT- Enjoying the Best of Registered Massage Therapy

Human existence is fraught with stress from day to day; but it behoves every individual to create avenues of de-stressing so as not to breakdown. Apart from the stress of daily life, there are other factors that can cause wear and tear and this includes injuries to the joints and bones. One thing that can help one to de-stress is massage.

Enjoying the Best of Registered Massage Therapy

There are different types of massage therapies targeted at different parts of the body and designed to achieve different results. Some of these therapies include registered massage therapy, aromatherapy, craniofacial therapy, hot stone, deep tissue and myofascial massage. Check out this site for full details on different types of these therapies:

In this article, we will focus mainly on registered massage therapy or RMT for short.

What is RMT

Registered Massage Therapy is a process through which the joints and soft tissue of the body is assessed and treated to prevent pain from injury and also other physical disorder. In summary, it is working on the soft tissues of a patient with special emphasis on the connective tissues, the tendons, muscles, joints and ligaments in order to optimize the well-being of the patient.  A practitioner of this art is referred to as an RMT which means a Registered Massage Therapist.

Everyone seems to know this therapy is good for the body as it helps to reduce stress and control pain. However, not everyone knows that it is used to treat more than the surface structure of the body. This method of treatment can be used to treat injury to the joints and bones and also other parts of the body such as the blood vessels, ligaments and soft tissues.

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It is an effective means of providing relief for issues such as whiplash, low back pain, stress, osteoporosis, pregnancy issues and a lot more.

Benefits of RMT

The benefits of this procedure come in 2 broad categories and they are physical and mental benefits. For a good number of patients, what they concentrate on most is the physical benefit and we cannot blame them. This is because the therapy helps them to get back to their daily activities without pain or stress.

However, there are also mental benefits which one may not take cognizance of but that is there nonetheless and improves the quality of life of the patient. Listed below are some of the physical and mental benefits and you can also read this article for more details.

Benefits of RMT


  1. Improves circulation
  2. Decreases inflammation of the joints
  3. Decreases stiffness of the muscles
  4. Improves quality of sleep
  5. Helps people recover faster as they workout
  6. Improves flexibility
  7. Strengthens the immune system
  8. Reduces soreness in the body


  1. Lowers stress level
  2. Improves mood
  3. Helps one to relax
  4. Reduces anxiety
  5. Increases one’s energy level
  6. Boosts overall wellbeing

From the above, we can all agree that this therapy in all its forms is beneficial to the overall wellbeing of everyone. This brings us to an important point …

How To Choose A Massage Therapist

Choosing a massage therapist is just like choosing a doctor or any other healthcare provider. You need to be careful because this has to do with your body which invariably affects your total wellbeing.  You can find the best fit for you by doing the following:

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You can go online and type in a query for therapists in your area. For example, if you live in Metrotown Burnaby, you can type ‘Metrotown massage therapist near’ me into your search engine browser. It will throw up addresses of these professionals in your city or close by.  From the answers provided to your query, you can begin to sieve out the best fit for you.

Ask Questions/ Read Customer Reviews

In addition to asking around to know the quality of service that this professional offers, you can also get information about them online. There are also independent sites where you can get information about the business.  At times, you can get the answers you seek even on the website of the therapists that you want to engage their services.

When you finally decide on anyone, please ask them about the following:-

  1. Their registration status with the regulatory body in your region
  2. Their certification and qualification
  3. Years of experience and training
  4. Number of sessions you’ll need and how much it will cost
  5. Insurance coverage for your treatment


The above is just the basics about massage and what you need to know to get the best person to treat you. Do not hesitate to seek for guidance from your primary health care provider or any other medical professional that you trust.

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