NBA 2K21 Offensive & Defensive Tips and Controls

In NBA 2K21, when players attack or defend on the court, they always lose points or even lose the game because of negligence in operation. Are there any operation tips in attack and defense? Check out the following tips. Attacking involves dunk, layup and shooting, the best dunk package 2K21 and layup package 2K21 are also important.

NBA 2K21 Offensive & Defensive Tips and Controls

In fact, the most critical changes in this era are the reduction of the defensive radius and the experience of the influence of strength attributes. These two changes really let you experience the differences between superstars and between superstars and ordinary players, instead of the previous generation’s feeling of no difference between superstars regardless of the outside and inside lines. At the same time, advanced tips can help win the match and get VC and NBA 2K21 MT easily.

Offensive skills and tips:

  1. The difference between James and Ross who break through A + layup, the improvement of strength attribute, let James accelerator break through the layup is basically able to push the defensive players to dunk or lay up, while Ross is basically difficult to score goals because of being squeezed and deformed, so normally there is no defender with high strength quality, generally do not use the accelerator to match the layup, but more flexible to change direction, backhand and other layups.
  2. The reduction of the defensive radius makes the giant pitcher handsome. The back step shooting and backward shooting (almost no interference, but the shooting rate is still not too abnormal) are very useful. Durant, Harden and Bird, when the back step or the defenders break through every other step, suddenly the shooting is basically undisturbed and the shooting rate is high.
  3. It’s easier to shoot in the middle distance with no strength guard, not to mention the in-situ jump shot after the successful pick and roll. In fact, the time to judge the shot is greatly improved for the elegant shot. It’s easier to throw a good shot. With the reduction of the defensive radius, there is almost no interference from the computer.
  4. The powerful bottom step in the interior is very effective. If you don’t have the strength, you can use the shoulder shaking fake with hook and dream step. Because of the reduction of the defensive radius, it’s easy to have no interference. It’s worth noting that the hook’s shooting bar is very fast, so you should pay attention to it.
  5. Flexible use of tactics. Although the defensive radius becomes smaller, I feel that the collision radius still has great influence. It’s easy to leave a vacancy by using all kinds of tactics to let teammates pick, roll and run. It’s worth mentioning that the tactics that used to let the non big front and center run the inside line are also very useful now, because this generation of back defense (in addition to direct blocking, that’s what a good defensive center might do) and When you can run in front of you before you finish shooting, but there is no time to make effective shooting defense, the interference is still very low or almost no, and the short guard can put his back to the big center calmly.
  6. Side, back, running in front of you before you finish shooting, but without enough time to make effective shooting defense, there is almost no interference.
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Defensive skills and tips:

Is still crazy for the computer abnormal three-point, may you need the defensive strategy to solve.


  1. Left key on the cross, man to man.
  2. Right key on the cross, RT switch to the second page, do not cast three points.
  3. Right cross key, RT switch, win by physical fitness (this is the most important, only this kind of setting, players will stick most of the time dead, form effective interference, greatly reduce the computer hit rate, feel that 2K only changed the defense radius, and players AI defense did not follow up, so use defense strategy that works in 2K21, all know, as long as in front of a large range There is a lot of interference).

Through the above settings, basically speaking, it will enter the basketball game with the most real and best experience in the past. By the way, the inside line must practice more fake moves, otherwise only the bottom step move is more difficult to use.

In this generation of defense, RT is very powerful in reducing the judgment of movement and range, which is almost like a wooden stake that can’t be moved. In other words, unless it is close to and the computer can’t move and break through in a large range (the center’s big front position, the inside line, the outside line dead ball state), don’t use RT. you can automatically make an effective defense by directly using the move and follow, and occasionally with the accelerator key, you can generally click it Because the mobile inertia is also very large, so the defense method is to press nothing, just click the right rocker occasionally to accelerate and follow, keep the half step distance behind. When the center is big in front of the inside attack, stick it up, press and hold RT (almost no right-click movement, press and hold RT close to a small range, the player will automatically follow the opposite action to move defense), while the outside player, the half step distance in front of the body To prevent shooting, just stick the right rocker when you break through. If you can’t keep up, just click to accelerate (always click to accelerate. Once the computer changes direction or stops the ball, because of the huge inertia, you will basically lose your position and move a large part along the running direction). Only when the opponent starts to lay up or shoot, immediately press and hold RT and adjust the direction with the weak right button to see the situation If you put more blocks in, you can defend effectively.

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