Reasons Why Mental Health Counseling Is the Need of the Hour

Mental health defines our life quality, energy levels, cognitive capabilities, and most importantly, our ability to care for ourselves. And yet, despite its overarching significance in our lives, mental health discourses are grossly ignored and neglected. While millions shudder from the stigma of getting labeled as mentally incapacitated, others don’t recognize the signs of their own suffering.

Mental Health Counseling

There are millions of reasons that justify why mental health counseling is the need of the hour. But let’s begin with one: sound mental health is crucial to sustaining life quality and lead fulfilling lives. Our mental wellness reflects in everything we do at home and work. It reflects on our relationships, productivity levels, and most importantly, the choices we make.

Keep reading to explore the significance of mental health counseling in a pandemic-riddled world.

Curbing the Rise of Mental Illnesses

Data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) reveals alarming statistics depicting the rise of mental illnesses. The ongoing pandemic and resulting quarantine restrictions have given rise to depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and suicide rates. People struggling with mental issues and disorders no longer have access to mental health facilities they enjoyed earlier.

Being deprived of our loved ones and social support systems is debilitating and emotionally crippling. However, we must find available resources to ensure we get the care we need to end our suffering. While physical contact is ill-advised, telehealth applications have allowed people to connect with therapists and counselors digitally.

Suppose you are quarantined in San Francisco, California, and need to find a therapist near your location. An online search can help you line up multiple options. For instance, you can look up a simple query such as ‘find a therapist near me San Francisco CA,’ and you can take the first step. You can explore your options, examine credentials and read patient testimonials to find a therapist who aligns with your preferences.

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Digital tools have made mental health care more accessible. But when you’re suffering from depression, even a quick Google search demands Herculean effort. You only have to take the initiative to prioritize your wellness. We urge you to find solace in knowing that mental health care is more accessible and digitally savvy.

Fighting Overlapping Symptoms

People often regard depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues as illnesses exclusive to the brain. Others confuse them with a lack of emotional strength and character flaws. Both mindsets are deeply fragmented and grossly flawed. You see, mental health illnesses stem from a vast host of biological, environmental, cognitive, and psychodynamic causes.

What’s more important is to realize that many chronic and physical illnesses accompany debilitating mental health issues. Patients with cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, heart complications, and other ailments often struggle with stress, depression, and anxiety. Prioritizing mental health counseling allows these patients to find closure and address their symptoms without harmful medications.

Seeking counseling eases their discomfort and mental confusion, showing them the path to recovery. More importantly, it reduces the burden on an already overwhelmed healthcare sector as patients take healing into their own hands.

Curbing Rising Suicide Rates

How many of us have lost family members, friends, and loved ones to suicide? How many of us have witnessed young people giving up on life and embracing death with eagerness?

According to the WHO, suicide remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. One in 100 deaths turns out a case of suicide, and more and more young people are choosing to end their lives. Suicidal thoughts are a glaring symptom of depressive disorders, and there’s a dire need to normalize counseling.

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By normalizing counseling and fighting back against stigma, we give people the power to heal. We encourage people with suicidal thoughts to seek help and reclaim their power. Millions worldwide commit suicide because the people around them fail to recognize the signs and symptoms. Millions are denied the care they need due to a lack of facilities and mental health support.

By normalizing counseling and seeking support, we can create a culture of prioritizing one’s mental wellness. We can educate ourselves on the risk factors and save lives by showing our concern when needed the most.

Fighting Stigmas

Even in this day and age of mental health awareness, stigmas discourage people from seeking counseling. In most parts of the world, getting labeled as mentally incapacitated translates into numerous disadvantages for professionals and parents. People avoid counselors and therapists despite recognizing the signs and being overwhelmed by their suffering.

As mental health disorders continue to rise exponentially, counseling is the need of the hour to break the stigma. The collective power of the world has normalized the use of telephones, televisions, the internet, and other groundbreaking inventions. If we join hands, we can fight the stigma around counseling and encourage people to embrace mental health facilities without shame.

Wrapping Up

Prioritizing our mental wellness and seeking the support we need allows us to enrich our lives in multiple ways. We knowingly and unknowingly encourage everyone around us to value their mental wellbeing and recognize the signs. When we share our experiences with family members, friends, and loved ones, we encourage them to do the same. This prioritization and encouragement create a culture of inclusivity and support.

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