The Workout from One Punch Man

The Good and Bad Of One Punch Man Workout

Social media influence and TikTok trends have taken the world by storm. One such trend is the One Punch Man workout, a trend dedicated to physical training. There is a high chance that if you have recently searched for a new workout regime on the internet, you must have come across the One Punch Man workout recommendation. This regime has piqued the interest of several fitness enthusiasts and people who are bored of the same old gym-based workout. However, many people still have serious questions and doubts about the regime’s delivery of results. If you are one of them, this blog is to help you understand the good and bad of the One Punch Man workout. By the end of the blog, you will be able to make an informed decision on if this exercise routine suits your requirements.

Why the name One Punch Man workout?

Japanese culture has spread like wildfire in the last decade. All thanks to the manga series originating from this beautiful country. One-Punch Man is originally a Japanese superhero manga series with the protagonist being called Saitama, a superhero.

We do not need to tell you that every superhero has at least one special power separating them from the rest.

So, what is Saitama’s superpower?

Well, he can defeat any and all of his opponents with a single punch.

The workout routine we are discussing today is influenced by Saitam’s character and hence the name One Punch Man workout.

The next logical question you may have is what exactly does this routine consist of for you to gain, well not the same superpower, but more strength than your current state?

In the manga books, Saitama wasn’t born with this superpower. He claims that he developed it by following a simple yet complex workout routine. It required him to follow these steps every day for 3 years until he could finally defeat his opponents with just a single punch.

  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 pushups
  • 100 squats
  • 10-kilometer run
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Do not get alarmed thinking that the workout challenge on social media requires you to dedicate 3 years of your life to see the results following this workout program.

The actual challenge that normal people like us are supposed to be doing is not more than 30 days long (Yes, for some, even this might be too long). You have to be consistent for 30 days straight which means 7 days a week without any breaks in between.

You will find a lot of educational videos or photos of people following the challenge and showing their results on video websites like YouTube and other platforms. If watching them has, in any way, influenced you to give it a shot, we recommend first reading about the benefits and disadvantages of the One Punch Man workout before deciding if it is worth investing time in.

Advantages of the workout:

  • If you are already into fitness and are looking for something interesting to add to your health goals, the workout challenge can be an exciting new addition
  • Each workout component including running and squats has a significant health benefit
  • The exercise seems ideal on paper

Disadvantages of the workout:

  • It is not recommended for beginners
  • There is no concrete proof that the workout makes any drastic changes to the overall health
  • Prone to higher health risks in case if the regime is followed correctly

Since the workout gained momentum, many fitness and health experts have raised questions over the efficiency of the One Punch Man exercise routine. There are too many areas of human health that remain untouched in this form of exercise.

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For instance, your body does not get any time to rest when you work out continuously for 7 days per week for 30 days back-to-back.

One of the most simplest and crucial aspects of creating and following a sustainable workout plan for yourself is to incorporate at least 1 day of rest between your workouts.

Medical News Today reports that rest days are crucial for letting body muscles regain glycogen stores that they tend to lose during the workout. It helps in preparing the body for the next round of exercises. Not including rest days can lead to muscle fatigue and no matter how many calories you burn on the treadmill or pumping weights, your body will not respond as one may expect.

Another attribute that raises eyebrows among certified health experts is the lack of progression in the One Punch Man workout.

To understand this perspective, let’s take an example that is not fitness related. If you keep doing the same work in an office environment without skilling up, how far do you think you can make it in the corporate world? Most likely, not too far!

The same logic is applied to fitness programs. Don’t think for a second that by this statement we mean that you need to squat with 100 lbs on your shoulders.

The word that should intrigue you is ‘progression.’ It means pushing your body to the next level.

When you first enter a gym, the trainer will likely tell you to start stretching and put on weight-free workouts until you become accustomed to the right posture or form. Gradually, they will start asking you to work out with weights.

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This form of exercise is not random-thought but science-based. Studies show that resistance training progression has a positive impact on neurological adaptations including coordination and balance. The chances of injuries are less with gradual progression while your body is subject to well-thought and structured resistance.

One Punch Man workout

One Punch Man workout lacks progression. Although there are 10 levels in this workout where in the first level you start with 10 sit-ups, push-ups, and squats each along with a 1 km run, and gradually in the last level you reach the final goal of 100 sit-ups, push-ups, squats each, and ending with 10 km run, it does not add any new programs to the workout.

Another important point that we must consider is that such workouts are not recommended for people with health conditions or beginners who are just starting their fitness journey. The best way is to consult your doctor and slowly start with any form of exercise. It may either be in the form of slow walks in the park or swimming 3 times a week.

With this, we come to the end of understanding the good and bad of the One Punch Man workout.


Trends are an excellent form of entertainment but risking your health for a trend is not recommended. The One Punch Man workout can be a good addition to his existing exercise routine if you want to try something new but its efficiency in delivering remains under question. If you want to give it a try, make sure that you adapt the correct posture for this workout and do not overexert yourself.

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