Uncontrolled Diabetes Weakens Your Eyesight

Because of diabetes, many organs of the body are affected, including the eyes. Due to diabetes, the fine tubules carrying blood to the retina are damaged, so the image of the objects on the retina cannot be made properly or is complete unclear. This problem is called diabetic retinopathy. If it is not treated at the right time, the patient may become a victim of blindness. The risk is higher for people between 20 to 70 Years. Initially, this disease is not known. When the eyes suffer from this disease 40%, then its symptoms are diagnosed. The longer the duration of diabetes, more there are chances of diabetic retinopathy. However, post treatment with laser technology, blindness can be reduced to 60%.

Uncontrolled Diabetes Weakens Your Eyesight

Damage to blood ducts

Disease affects the body’s insulin. This insulin transports glucose to the body. When insulin is not formed or becomes less then glucose cannot penetrate cells and dissolves in blood. This is why sugar level increases in blood. This blood reaches all the parts of the body. When blood is continually flowing with high sugar, it damage the blood ducts.

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Eyes are the most delicate parts

The blood vessels of the eyes are most fragile in the body, so they are first affected. Blood flowing through the rupture of blood vessels often gets collected around the retina, which can also make blind spots in the eyes.

Symptoms of illness

  • Increased power of eyes
  • Repeated eye infection
  • Low visibility after getting up in the morning
  • White or black glaucoma
  • Blood veins or blood clots appear in the eye
  • Retinal bleeding
  • Having a headache
  • Sudden blindness
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Thus looking at the symptoms it seems to more disturbing than the actual disease. So it is critically important to take precautionary measures related to your health and sugar level, as loosing eyesight is the most deadly experience anyone could ever go through.


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