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The NYU Acceptance Rate

NYU is popular for its all-encompassing appeal and elite academics. From among different American universities, NYU brags about the maximum population of foreign students. So, it is obvious that applications to NYU surged by 300% over the past two decades, yet NYU admission rates decreased from 65% to 29%. The NYU 2021 admission percentage dropped to an all-time low of 12.8%, suggesting that NYU is currently among the most selective universities in the country.


If a candidate wants to attend NYU, he must be confident that his application will be noticed. Individuals submitting must shine in every element of their application since NYU’s acceptance percentage is dropping every year.

The Admission Scenario of New York University

In the past five years, or from 2017 to 2021, admissions to New York University have grown increasingly competitive. In comparison to 2020-21, when the admission rate was 12.8%, the NYU rate of acceptance for 2019–20 was announced at 15%. The number of applications received increased from 2020 to 2021, but the total number of students that New York University will admit has been limited.

The Admission Scenario of New York University

After the COVID-19 restrictions, NYU decided to be test-optional and did not need ACT or SAT scores from undergraduates. However, it was observed that for 2021 Fall admissions for undergraduates, 64% of applicants submitted, SAT scores, and 27% of applicants submitted ACT scores.

  • The highest SAT range for admission to NYU was recorded at 700–800 when 58% of applicants for the EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) and 75% of applicants for the Maths major scored.
  • While 86% of students who applied and were accepted to NYU had ACT scores between 30 and 36.
  • The student with the highest GPA was admitted to NYU in the 2021 fall with a score of roughly 21% and a GPA of 4.0.
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For graduate applications only, NYU accepts test results from the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, or even the DAT to simplify the admissions process. Any one of the above exam results is accepted for admission to the NYU MBA program. The deadlines for application for NYU admissions differ with levels and also with every graduate course. Therefore, applicants should select wisely, to apply in which session – Spring or Fall at NYU.

Acceptance Rate of New York University

Check the acceptance rate of NYU before applying. The acceptance rate for NYU 2021 hit a record low of 12.8%. This means that, for every 100 candidates, only 13 are admitted. Three undergraduate courses at NYU had acceptance rates for 2021 that were in the single digits. This suggests that the university’s admissions process is highly selective, so students must make sure their application is really strong to stand out from the competition.

Acceptance Rate of New York University

Not only did NYU set acceptance rates records in 2021, but the approved applicants also had median SAT scores that were record-breaking at 1540. It can be intimidating to look at the acceptance rates at NYU. Nevertheless, one should comprehend the data in context and concentrate on skillfully putting up one’s program.

What is the Requirement for New York University GPA?

Many students wonder about the minimum NYU requirement for GPA before applying. A required GPA is mentioned in many schools. This is typically a fundamental requirement to prevent any candidate’s application from being immediately rejected.

By examining the average GPA of the school’s current students, one may guess the GPA requirements for NYU. One must have an average GPA of a minimum of 3.7 to be considered, as most NYU applicants have an average of 3.7 GPAs or higher.

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One must predominantly receive A’s and A’s- in his high school courses to achieve the GPA standards for admission to NYU. The candidate tries to make up for it if he is applying to Steinhardt or Tisch by strengthening other application elements like a portfolio. A considerable number of NYU graduate students are among the highest 10% of their high school.

NYU aims to offer a fair screening procedure that examines the candidate. Yes, it’s important to satisfy the GPA standard for NYU. Nonetheless, the candidate’s extracurricular activities, future goals, portfolio, and prior learning all work in his favor to support a strong NYU application.

What New York University SAT scores are needed by an individual for Acceptance?

Unless the candidate is applying to Tisch or Steinhardt, where his portfolio may be accepted in place of test results, he must submit standardized test results to NYU. Even though the majority of candidates submit their ACT or SAT results, NYU accepts a range of test scores. Below is a list of all the grades that NYU accepts:

  • ACT; or
  • SAT; or
  • Scores of Three AP Exams; or
  • Scores of Three IB higher-level exams if IB Diploma applicant is not available; or
  • Other corresponding international assessments verify the candidate finished or will finish his secondary education.

The foundation of NYU’s SAT score requirements is the average score of the SAT of the accepted applicants. The average NYU SAT score for accepted students in 2021 was an astounding 1540. 1500 is the minimum score needed to be regarded as competitive with other peers.

Super SAT scores get into NYU. The applicant’s top section scores from all SAT dates will hence be used to determine his final NYU SAT score. Instead of restricting the results to a single day, NYU combines the top section marks to generate the top possible composite score.

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What ACT Scores are needed by the candidate to Get Into New York University?

What ACT Scores are needed by the candidate to Get Into New York University?

Similar to their SAT scores, NYU’s average ACT score is increasing. The average score ACT of those admitted to NYU is 33. Despite NYU’s claim that there is no need for an ACT score, if a candidate applies with 29 scores or less, he may find it difficult to get accepted unless his application stands out in some way. Multiple applicants with 33 scores or higher will seem 29 insufficient.

Applying to NYU?

Try these Tips

If one wishes to apply to NYU during the upcoming admissions cycle, he must be aware of the following:

  • For Tisch School of the Arts applicants, NYU solely conducts interviews. These face-to-face interviews take place in New York. Study a few college Interview Tips, for guidance on the kinds of questions, one must be prepared to ask or answer.
  • Since NYU does take into account “demonstrated interest,” it is crucial to contact the admissions office, connect on social media, and also visit campus or speak with NYU representatives at local college fairs.
  • Make sure the candidate spends enough time and effort on the additional essay that NYU needs. There was just one prompt in the 2021–22 cycle, but it’s a crucial one!


The institution continues to pursue a very assorted student body with a good percentage of first-generation, low-income students, and underrepresented minorities although admissions are becoming more competitive every year. The candidate will probably need to have SAT scores and grades that are nearer to the 75th percentile of the enrolled students if none of these categories apply. So All the Best!

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