Kick PMS To the Curb Naturally

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS describes how a woman may feel a few days before her period.   These symptoms may include mood swings, bloating, cramps, headaches…any of these symptoms are just the worst! Raise your hand if you hate taking medicine for taking care of those annoying..pesky mood swings or any other symptoms mentioned. Well, guess what? There are natural ways to control them! It can be quite exhausting dealing with the constant roller coaster of hormonal mood swings. One second you feel irritated, happy, sad, and the next second you feel like balling your eyes out.  You can kick PMS to the curb with these natural ways.

Kick PMS To the Curb Naturally

Take a look at these natural ways to tackle those PMS mood swings and other symptoms–naturally.

Cut Out Caffeine

Cut Out Caffeine

Do you know that caffeine drinks can cause major mood swings? You may feel great while sipping on some delicious coffee, but when the caffeine wears off you will end up feeling super irritated and angry. Many women who go through PMS are super sensitive to caffeine and even a little amount can cause PMS symptoms to go wild. Tea or green tea are healthier options during that time of the month.  I know for all coffee drinkers, it may be difficult to make the switch to tea (even for a little time), but you must try. An alternative could be to drink decaf, but I vote for the tea…just so much more relaxing…don’t you think?

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 Stay Away From Alcohol Before Your Period

Don’t think this one requires much of an explanation.  Alcohol is a nervous system depressant; therefore it can depress your mood. If you go through mood swings or suffer from PMS depression, alcohol is not good for you at all. Even though drinking may help you feel less anxious, but after a while it’s going to cause you a whole lot of pain and not just physical. You should start avoiding it a few days before your period.  “Well can I have some red wine, it’s good for the heart?”  We are not talking about the heart at the moment, but we’ll cover that at a later time.  Still stay away.

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 Get Some Exercise

We all know what exercise can do for the body, but do you know what it can do for the mind.  Whether its PMS symptoms, mood swings or depression, you can’t go wrong with being physically active. Exercise can help relieve stress and even put you in a better mood.  You may have heard that the body releases endorphins when we exercise.  Endorphins is like a happy pill (without the pill).  This creates a positive boost in mood, which of course, lowers the depressed feeling.

 Get Plenty of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Plenty of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 helps in keeping your brain healthy, which in turn keeps your mood stable. Foods like salmon, halibut, spinach,  should be a part of your diet during the time of your period so that your mood stays in control. Walnuts also contain Omega-3 acids, so you can munch on them as a snack during the day.  Also, it is a good idea to start a supplement, such as cod liver oil, if you feel that you are not getting enough of Omega-3.

Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

To live a healthy lifestyle, you need to maintain a well-balanced diet. The healthier you eat, the better you will feel. You can trust me on this.  This is an entire topic by itself, but here is the short version.  Eat a minimum of five fruits and vegetables per day.  Eat more fish, beans, and poultry and choose low-fat, low-sugar foods, and add more whole-grain to your diet.

PMS is something not many people take seriously, but some of us women know just how serious it is. All women should be aware of these natural ways of dealing with PMS. So, go ahead and share with all your lady friends! They will thank you; trust me!

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