Six Lifestyle Factors That Can Raise Your Possibility Of Heart Attack Symptoms

As we are aware, heart attack signs and symptoms can comprise shortness of breath and chest pain. A heart attack can occur when there is a blood shortage to the heart, generally resulting from a blood clot. Coronary heart disease—a state where the major blood vessels that provide the heart get blocked with cholesterol deposits, called plaques—is the leading reason for heart attack.

Possibility Of Heart Attack Symptoms

Leading a healthy lifestyle can assist in avoiding you from having coronary heart disease and getting a heart attack. Six lifestyle factors are considered to raise your likelihood of developing coronary heart disease, namely, smoking, high blood pressure, body shape & weight, high cholesterol, not doing sufficient physical activity, and diabetes, as per the British Heart Foundation.

However, the key prevention ways to decrease your possibility of coronary heart disease and getting a heart attack are consuming a balanced, healthy diet, attempting to maintain your blood pressure, and avoiding smoking. Taking diet into consideration, the NHS proposes to shun foods having high saturated fat levels, as they boost the bad cholesterol levels in your blood. Meat pies, butter, cakes, biscuits, and fatty cuts & sausages of meat are Foods having elevated saturated fats content.

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However, consuming a small quantity of unsaturated fat will elevate the good cholesterol level and assist in diminishing any impasse in your arteries. Avocados, seeds & nuts, sunflower, oily fish, olive oil, and rapeseed are foods having high unsaturated fat content. For high blood pressure, often a reading can be abridged by a healthy diet, keeping up a healthy weight, taking regular exercise, and moderating your alcohol intake.

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In another study conducted by the Tulane University in New Orleans, researchers showed that individuals who lose 2 or more teeth when in their middle age might be more prone to develop a heart disease.


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