Fitbit, Apple To Be A Part Of The FDA Program To Pace Health Tech

We all know that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supervises new medical devices, drugs, and a majority of the US food supply. However, now it has chosen 9 leading tech firms for a pilot program that would allow them to shun some regulations that have restricted developers functioning on health products and software.

Fitbit, Apple To Be A Part Of The FDA Program

Scott Gottlieb, FDA Commissioner, said, “Our regulatory framework should be modernized so that it equals the sort of innovation we are being asked to assess.” The initiative is intended to enable the firms to get products pre-cleared instead of undergoing the standard application and authorization protocol of the agency that mostly require months to complete. Together with Apple, Samsung Electronics Co, Fitbit Inc, Johnson & Johnson, Verily Life Sciences, and Roche Holding AG will be a part of this program.

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This program is proposed to assist the firms to make new products more rapidly while upholding some government supervision of technology that might be utilized by patients or doctors to diagnose, prevent, and treat ailments. Apple is exploring whether its watch can sense heart anomalies. For instance, the protocol it will follow to ensure that it is using good quality metrics and other assesses won’t be as time-consuming and expensive as when the government approves a new pacemaker. Verily—Alphabet Inc.’s life sciences arm—is functioning with Novartis AG to make a contact lens that can constantly monitor the blood sugar of the body.


The program is a fraction of a wider drive at the FDA to modernize guideline and make the medical products available to patients rapidly. The commissioner said that the organization will shed light on how drug makers may use information from treatments already permitted for few disease to get consents for more disorders. In July, he deferred supervision of electronic cigarettes while the organization settles on what data it will require from the product makers.

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The FDA, within the pilot, will examine the software of the digital health companies and will scrutinize their facilities to make sure that they fulfill the quality standards and can effectively trail their products after they are commercialized. If they clear the audits of the agency, the firms would be pre-certified and may experience a less strict authorization process or not go through its approval process at all.

As per the FDA, more than 100 firms were keen in the pilot. The agency intends to schedule a public workshop on the initiative in January to assist developers not a part of the pilot comprehend the process and 4 Months of primary findings.



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