Two Block Haircut – Hot and Trendy Haircut

Asian men were the first to sport the two-block haircut. Today, many men from various cultures prefer this hairstyle. The two-block haircut is very popular because it is a fashionable and low-maintenance hairstyle. Though people with hair loss and baldness may not be able to style their hair the way they want, but they can always choose to buy hair wigs or other hair replacement systems from KTS Inc. to enjoy the look.

Hot and Trendy Haircut

What Is The Two Block Haircut?

A two-block haircut is essentially a Korean haircut with a long top and short sides. In terms of appearance, this haircut resembles a bowl cut. It also has an undercut look to it.

Because the hair is cut into two separate blocks, it is referred to as a two-block haircut. One block is long, while the others are short.

How Long Should Hair Be for Two Blocks?

It all depends on the look you’re going for. As a general rule, the top of your hair should cover your ears. While the crown hair should be close to the neck and bone at the back of your skull.

How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut

Many teenagers are always unsure of how to request a two-block haircut; their barber may be unfamiliar (possibly) with it. So we’ll show you how to request a two-block haircut or any haircut! The most effective way to ask your barber to cut this hair is to show him pictures of it. They know what to do with your hair.

Types of Two Block Haircut:

Types of Two Block Haircut

  1. Dyed Two Block Haircut
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K-pop stars aren’t afraid to experiment with dying their two-block haircuts. A splash of bright colour allows them to express themselves while also staying updated with current trends.

  1. Zero Styling Two Block Haircut

A two-block cut is frequently regarded as a stand-alone hairstyle. As a result, you can simply let your hair fall naturally for an effortless and relaxed look.

  1. Messy Two Block Haircut

Messy is arguably the most casual two-block haircut style. Crimps, waves, or brushing and blow-drying the hair in different directions are all options for the wearer. Bangs are typically side-swept to one side, the front, or layered by combining short and longer strands.

  1. Slicked Back Two Block Haircut

Because the hair on the top of a two-block is so long, you can style it slicked back to add a sophisticated and elegant aesthetic to your look.

  1. Layered Two Block Haircut

The crown of the hair grows out longer with a two-block haircut, while the sides and back are shaved or trimmed. The most difficult aspect of wearing this cut is styling the crown. The thickness of the crown’s hair should be balanced by a layered look.

  1. Side Parted Two Block Haircut

Although a two-block is already quite contrasting and eye-catching, a side part can be added to give it even more definition.

  1. Straight Two Block Haircut

Bangs are a popular hairstyle for a two-block cut. However, bangs look best on long and oval face shapes and can easily be mistaken for a bowl cut. For a shiny finish, the crown of the hair is commonly brushed evenly around the head and topped off with a light serum or wax.

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Things to think about before getting a haircut:

We’ve compiled a list of methods for determining “what haircut best suits my face shape.”

  1. What is the shape of your head?

No matter what your actual face shape is, our main goal is to try to achieve the shape you feel is most flattering by your cut style. Pull your hair back as tightly as you can while it’s wet so you can see the top of your head and your jawline.

  1. Examine your hairline, both front and back.
  1. Does it match your personality and professional lifestyle?

What is your line of work? Are you a CEO, a salesperson, or a tattoo artist? Choose a style that is appropriate for your job but also blends well with your personal life.

  1. Is it possible to style it yourself at home?

How To Style a Two-Block Hairstyle

While the two-block haircut appears to require a lot of styling, it is actually quite simple to maintain! To begin, men should use a trimmer to keep the sides and back of hair short. Following that, simply blow-dry your hair after taking a shower. Then, using a small amount of wax, they shape the hair into the desired look.


A two-block haircut in Korean style is a great choice if you want to stand out. Many variations are possible depending on your hair’s length, thickness, and texture. Our advice is to go to the salon and consult with a stylist about which Two Block Haircut will work best for you.

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